Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Britain has more than its fair share of preserved railway lines and locomotives, all bringing nostalgic visions of times past. However, it isn’t just about the locomotives but also about the many artifacts and activities that have disappeared from the modern railway scene.

Crew Chat

Chatting by the Signal

Shunting Sentinel

Shunting Sentinel

Tickets Please!

Tickets Please!

The Day the Ruston Refused to Start

The Day the Ruston Refused to Start

Watering the Beast

Watering the Beast

Peckett and Crane

Peckett and Crane

Leander Climbs Through Culham

Leander Climbs Through Culham



  1. Excellent – I like the b&w treatment of these pictures.

  2. Great B&W pics, especially the last one. 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos Martin! What can I say but you do have the best ones, you know!
    Thanks for sharing…trains are the best subjects! Too bad our trains here in Manila are so old that I likened them to zombies! LOL


    • Thank you so much Magdalene – but I know a lot of other Bloggers who have excellent images to share 🙂

      I suspect that your trains would make excellent subjects for a photography project including the stations and the people who travel. It would be a fascinating study and could look at the history of who built the stations and where they took their design influences from. Ok – sorry, I’m making work for you and I suspect you are already overly busy! Thanks again for your kind comment 🙂

  4. Congrats (and thanks for sharing) for this serie of wonderful B&W photos. The one of the “tickets please” is what most evoke nostalgia; it’s perfect for this challenge!

  5. trains are something that touch so many of us, i so miss those old trains of my childhood, seemingly alive with all their wonderful noises and strange doings … wonderful photos martin 😀

    • Thanks Christine 🙂 The thing that is missing is the smell of warm oil, coal dust and hot water – if I could reproduce those on a blog I’d have a million followers instantly 😉

  6. Nice, and I do think black and white really works here. Great take on the theme.

  7. Wonderful photos, Martin. These black and whites do invoke a great deal of nostalgia. The last photo is particularly stunning!

  8. A great series of photos on display Martin. The monochrome adds a very nice touch.

  9. Leander climbs through Culham —
    my choice to illustrate so many of my favorite British mysteries. (Don’t know why exactly, but it’s both dramatic and artistic.)

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