Fellow Blogger Patti recently posted some excellent shots from the Camden neighborhood of New Jersey so I thought I’d send some back from Camden – London.

Camden Town - Edgware Branch
Camden Town – Edgware Branch

The Long and the Short of It
The Long and the Short of It

Orange Juice
Orange Juice

Abby Scuito?
Abby Scuito?

Road Crossing
Road Crossing

Can Do Coffee
Can Do Coffee

Resting between Gigs
Resting between Gigs
Not Sure...
Not Sure…
Someone Make a Decision!
Someone Make a Decision!


    1. Thats very kind Danny – I hope you are keeping well and that everything is going well 🙂 Take a look at Patti’s NJ Camden – the contrast is fascinating. Actually, take a look at her work in general – she’s a great street photographer 🙂

    1. Thanks James – I live just a short distance up the Northern Line but rarely visit because it’s so full of tourists – maybe I should visit more often 🙂 It must be hard doing that sort of work – don’t think I could, so more power to your elbow 🙂

  1. Great street scenes Martin. And they bring back memories – good old days of elbowing other fellow tourists. I seem to remember an interesting shop specialising in leather outfits and accessories too.

    (no, not that kind of leather).

    1. There are several shops selling leather clothing Dan – anything from Midnight Cowboy era jackets to modern Goth styles. For the other kind of Leather you need to visit Soho 😉 Glad I brought back some memories for you 🙂

  2. I really get a very nice feel for Camden from these wonderful photos, Martin. I find I take nice photos of still objects–but your photos capture such exuberance and energy in bustling settings. I’m really impressed with them, and enjoyed a nice, long observation with all the activity!

    1. Hi Debra, thanks for your kind comment. Camden is a very busy area of shops and markets frequented by tourists and locals alike. It gets so busy on Sundays that the London underground operates a one-way system – exit from Camden Town station and enter at Chalk Farm station. Locals probably use the bus or the London Overground as alternatives that don’t get quite so crowded (I certainly do) 😉 And being full of tourists, so many people are taking photos that one local wandering around with a camera goes un-noticed 🙂

  3. Love,love,love the boots…not to mention the train station…and those people going about in their own everyday lives, the man resting with the guitar….hey, I think I love them all Martin!
    Fab shots…ahhh, life!

  4. of course the train station is my favourite, but love the feel of the markets, and the young people hanging about … very atmospheric martin 🙂

    1. THanks Christine – the stations are so much nicer now that they’ve been cleaned up 🙂 I think I should wander up to St.Albans on a market day and get some new shots from there.

  5. Wow Martin, two very different Camdens aren’t they! Thank you so much for these wonderful bursts of colour, atmosphere and memories from this crazy part of London – the oranges, with the vendor, are spectacular! How much fun did you have getting “lost” in the crowd? Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    1. Hi Patti – yes they are quite different, though Camden Town can be very rough late in the evening and a short walk towards Kentish Town gets you into a run down neighbourhood. Equally, you walk a short distance to the west and you’re into upmarket Primrose HIll and then Hampstead or St. Johns Wood. It’s amazing how areas in such close proximity can be so different in character! The markets of Camden are the full of life bits with lots of photo opportunities but my next people shooting outing is likely to be a bit more central or as hinted to Christine, perhaps St.Albans – haven’t been there for a while and I should renew my aquaintance with the Abbey.

      The good bit is that the crowd are generally lost and I’m the one who knows where I am 😉

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