Knapp House

Gone to Devon
Near the mouth of the sea
On a school trip
Doing fun activities

Lead the way instructor in red
The wetsuits are slimy
So comfy are the beds
Screaming wildly on a boat ride

Body Boarding, Crabbing, Boat Ride and Ringo
My Favourite activities, I’d do them again
Looking at Westward Ho! Waves going to and fro
Riding the waves with Owen and Red

Coming back cold, teeth chattering
Waiting a turn in the shower
Wrapped in a Towel Longing for food
Then comes dinner a WOW to that

Up in the air where you feel free
Down in the dark when all hope is gone
The sudden shock when you see your first crab
Being crashed down upon far out at sea

The day we left was good but sad
Missing family and the weird London atmosphere
Back at school one minute to spare
Hello London, I’m Back, Oh Yeah!

Poem by Alasdair Addison – 30/06/2013



  1. thrilling thanks martin!

  2. Well that sounds as though it was fun!

    • Alasdair’s class had a great time. I think his poem really conveys how much fun they had 🙂 His favourite activity was Body Boarding.

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