Robin Update

Just a quick update for my regular readers who may be wondering how our baby Robins are doing…

They’re “Rockin’ Around the Rowan Tree” and running their Mum ragged as they call for food – I’m guessing that Mum has thrown Dad out in true Robin territorial fashion. The Chicks will feel that pain soon too – if it’s her territory they’ll get evicted on pain of death the moment they start to show their Redbreasts! But, for the moment, 3 healthy juveniles out of a nest of 4 🙂



  1. great news martin …. thinking of you from steamy insect infested derby!

    • Sounds like the Old County Cricket Ground down by the River Trent 😉 Enjoying your Bird shots and hope you’re having a great time on your trip 🙂

  2. All sounding good. 🙂

  3. It’s good to know they are doing well! I would love to watch them interplay with their mama bird. Life is hard when you’re kicked from the nest so soon! LOL!

    • LoL – they grow up a bit quicker than human babies. But they often take a bit of disuading when they continue to pester mum for food after they’re old enough to fend for themselves – a bit like human kids 😉

  4. That’s tough love!

    • It certainly is Patti – Robins are aggressively territorial. Although the displays of the red breast are usually enough to settle matters, fights between adults have been recorded!

  5. Very happy to hear your little Robin critters are doing well, Martin!

  6. Moms have been evicting offspring around here, too —
    But the results are not quite so benign. A huge glossy black bear was roaming all over the community last week, evidently a two-year-old whose mother had just said, Enough! And so he’s out on his own, or on our own in a way. He’s a lot bigger than his mother, who is brown and kind of mangy and wears a radio collar which makes her appear tamer than she is. The newly on his own young’un is scary.

    • Sounds like a potential signing for the local Football club as a Defensive Tackle 😉 I bet your local garbage cans have been taking a beating! Sounds like cause for serious concern and taking a good look outside before venturing forth. The largest wild thing we get in London usually is foxes. They carry the threat of Rabies and other diseases but fortunately tend to shy away from humans.

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