Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

I misssed out this challenge when it came out as I didn’t want to re-use an image I’d previously posted. Now I’ve had time to pop out with the camera, here are a couple of shots for that challenge…




  1. hi Martin: in my youth I played banjo and a friend of mine played clarinet: Chris Barber, Mr. Acker Builk (?) – maybe your son knows their music too (beside of course the difficult Herbie Hancock) …

    • I certainly know Acker Bilk 🙂 Currently the lad is playing a mix of styles as he expands his repertoire. Jupiter by Holst, Various pieces from Oliver and some bits by Gershwin. He’s thinking about ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ and also ‘Take 5’. Whilst the pieces are all simplified they still sound great when he gets it right. I’d also like him to do Hallelujah and his tutor thinks that would be a good piece for him. In fact – probably one you’ve played at some time too 🙂

  2. Shiny! 🙂

    • LoL – There was a kids program on TV when Alasdair was at Nursery school called The Shiny Show. It centred around teaching observation and the puppet characters were awarded “Shiny’s” for correct answers 😉

  3. Really admire those multiple reflections in the sunglasses — clever!

    • Thanks Judith – I had to go to Camden Market to get that shot (actually I went looking for a Cowboy Hat – but more about that another post) 🙂

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