Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, so how about a bridge to tell you where you are?…

Camden Road

Camden Road Station

Adverts are a form of sign, be they for beer outside a pub…

Beer Lanterns outside Quinn's in Camden Town

Beer Lanterns outside Quinn’s in Camden Town

…or a hoarding advertising tyres with tongue-in-cheek humour…

Uniroyal Advert from 1986

Uniroyal Advert from 1986

…And finally, what about those bumper stickers…Calling in Dead



  1. Great signs for the challenge. Love the last one. 😀

  2. Such a great collection of signs Martin, starting with the fabulous Camden Road – it was in a cafe off the Camden Rd I once saw Robert Plant, from Led Zep! I thought that was a sign! Love the Uniroyal advert, and the lanterns, and the bumper sticker!

    • Thanks Patti 🙂 There are some good music venues there. My most recent visit was to watch Burke Shelley’s incarnation of Budgie around 5 years back. Sadly, time and parental requirements are such that I have to keep an eye on things these days…

  3. These are fantastic signs, Martin. And your photography brought out the best of those first two shots. Just stellar.

  4. Those policemen reminded me of the Flinstones…haha!

  5. Lovely collection of photos for this challenge! Love the beer signs outside the pub!

  6. Hahaha… as you know I can use all the signage help I can get, Martin!
    Wonderful images… I really like all the ‘active’ diagonals!

  7. Wow I love your signs !

  8. Great photos of really interesting signs (the last two). First two are smashing to look at, and I think after long study it’s the vivid blues and yellows that do it for me.
    As for the last sign, I’ve felt like that, I can tell you! Made me really laugh —

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