Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, so how about a bridge to tell you where you are?…

Camden Road
Camden Road Station

Adverts are a form of sign, be they for beer outside a pub…

Beer Lanterns outside Quinn's in Camden Town
Beer Lanterns outside Quinn’s in Camden Town

…or a hoarding advertising tyres with tongue-in-cheek humour…

Uniroyal Advert from 1986
Uniroyal Advert from 1986

…And finally, what about those bumper stickers…Calling in Dead



  1. Such a great collection of signs Martin, starting with the fabulous Camden Road – it was in a cafe off the Camden Rd I once saw Robert Plant, from Led Zep! I thought that was a sign! Love the Uniroyal advert, and the lanterns, and the bumper sticker!

    1. Thanks Patti 🙂 There are some good music venues there. My most recent visit was to watch Burke Shelley’s incarnation of Budgie around 5 years back. Sadly, time and parental requirements are such that I have to keep an eye on things these days…

  2. Great photos of really interesting signs (the last two). First two are smashing to look at, and I think after long study it’s the vivid blues and yellows that do it for me.
    As for the last sign, I’ve felt like that, I can tell you! Made me really laugh —

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