Review of the Season

At the annual Awards Dinner the Wingate & Finchley players listen as Peter Rebak reviews a difficult season – a fact that is perhaps reflected in the players faces…

Review of the Season



  1. The photo really does tell it all! I hope next season is stronger.

    • Fingers crossed Debra – though it’s going to be another difficult start as our Manager has just left under mutual agreement with the Chairman. So it looks like another season of reorganising and instability. The pre-season friendlies may give a clue of how it’s going to go 😐

  2. Ooof! I know that feeling / mood (it’s not a good one to experience personally, but you’ve captured it brilliantly, Martin – the tension is almost tangible here)!

  3. Wow! Does that photo ever tell the tale!
    Better luck next time to all —

  4. Ouch, looks more than a little painful here Martin . . . 😦

    Good luck next season! 🙂

    • Peter is very honest with his reviews. Managers come and go.. In this case Go. I have some changes to write about later this week Patti.

  5. Reblogged this on Detroit Footballer and commented:
    homeboy in the foreground is making the Kevin Hart “i ain’t gon’ do shit” face.

    • The guy you’re referrring to as a ‘Homeboy’ had a pretty good season – scored a number of goals and was unlucky on 2 occasions not to leave the field with a hat-trick. Always prepared to have a crack at goal, his main failing was forgetting to pass the ball sometimes – something the other players could be heard ribbing him about 😉

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