Freight Thro’ Eight

At times it drives you to despair
You sometimes think “it isn’t fair”
For while you wait on Platform Six
A shot planned out, a freight to take
The traffic goes thro’ Platform Eight

Westbound, beyond the camera’s reach
Stevenson was right
For they’re “Each a Glimpse”
Rumbling through on Platform Eight
A pair of electrics on heavy freight

Success, I think, as the planned shot works
A Ying on cartics Ford’ward bound
Bang on time, the expected freight
Passing through Seven,
Not through Eight

A change of platform to catch my train
A rumble behind as I check the time
What have we here? I turn to find
It’s hoppers behind a Fifty-Nine
Finally to photograph a Freight Thro’ Eight

Freight Thro Eight

Martin Addison – 21/05/2013


    1. Hi – I had to look that one up. Never heard ‘Foamer’ used in the UK. I don’t quite fit in that category – I just fit in some ‘trainspotting / photography’ between a number of other interests. I hope your Dad enjoys the poem. Thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂

      1. Trainspotting is known by rail fans here in the U.S., but foamer is the derogatory term used by railroad workers as they look at fans along the RR tracks. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Debra – Much of my modern-day trainspotting is centred around photographing the rail scene in the London area unlike in the first time around when collecting the numbers was the prime motivation. I hope the poem expresses (oops! pun alert) the mixture of pleasure and frustration you can encounter when out photographing freight trains 🙂

    1. LoL – yes Kate. I had my planned shot based around a freight that you can usually set your watch by. The three going the other way (yes there were actually 3 of them though the poem only mentions 2) are all run as required and on another day wouldn’t have appeared. The vagaries of freight trains is one of the joys in seeking to photograph them 🙂

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