At times it drives you to despair
You sometimes think “it isn’t fair”
For while you wait on Platform Six
A shot planned out, a freight to take
The traffic goes thro’ Platform Eight

Westbound, beyond the camera’s reach
Stevenson was right
For they’re “Each a Glimpse”
Rumbling through on Platform Eight
A pair of electrics on heavy freight

Success, I think, as the planned shot works
A Ying on cartics Ford’ward bound
Bang on time, the expected freight
Passing through Seven,
Not through Eight

A change of platform to catch my train
A rumble behind as I check the time
What have we here? I turn to find
It’s hoppers behind a Fifty-Nine
Finally to photograph a Freight Thro’ Eight

Freight Thro Eight

Martin Addison – 21/05/2013