Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Patterns can be Natural…


…or by Design…


…or simply the result of the safest way to stack something!




  1. Great photos check out mine at http://www.inspiringthroughthelens.com

  2. Very clever, Martin. Love each one. The bottom “stack” is really interesting. You have an excellent eye!

  3. brilliant! yes I love them too martin!

  4. Great selection of patterns,,, 😉

  5. Beautiful shots, especially nice capture on the tree bark.

  6. Nice photos! I especially love that you thought of a tree trunk… a natural pattern and all the more beautiful!

    • Thanks Daphnée – I love trees. If you ever travel to London you can find that particular Pine in Kew Gardens, not too far from the Victoria Gate. Kew has a great collection of trees as well as plants of all types 🙂

  7. Amar Naik says:

    nice pattern shots

  8. Beautiful! Very cleverly creative 😉

  9. Each is so incredibly ‘tactile’, Martin… wonderful!
    I like them all, of course, but I particularly like your last piece… the fairly rigid / mechanical pattern combined with the more random ‘arrangement’ of color(s)… wow… I really, really like that contrast!

    • Thanks Bob – I like to keep an eye out for details in the ordinary that provide pattern or texture interest. These are scaffold poles on the back of a truck and it was taken just a couple of hundred yards from where I live.

  10. Beautiful and spectacular!

  11. Terrific sequence. Especially when the third one is so very fine, simply by necessity!

  12. Funny to think that someone took a tree and designed, and executed, that intricate panelling. The pipe shot is fascinating in so many ways, and patterns!

    • I love trees and the patterns in their bark 🙂 Our Rowan, by the way, is finally in full bloom – I reckon that could be as much as six weeks late. The Swifts have only just arrived too – probably a couple of weeks late though the Swallows seem to have arrived on time.

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