Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Football fans worldwide have a culture centred around their team. Quite often it involves a slightly whacky, almost gallows, sense of humour. Variations of the National Flags are created with club badges proudly imposed upon, for example, the cross of St. George…


…The all blue Union Flag carries the slogan “We have a woman’s flag” – an oblique reference to our one time MP Margaret Thatcher – though possibly also to that oft repeated exhortation to a player, thought to be making a meal of an injury, to get up “It’s a Man’s Game!” I’m waiting for the one parodying “We are a Family Club” to appear… Perhaps next season?

In a key match against Thurrock late in the season Wingate & Finchley had 5 players sent off resulting in the game being abandoned (see https://2e0mca.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/weekly-photo-challenge-future-tense/ for more info). At the next match in Bognor a selection of the fans turned up in fancy dress and spent the game singing “Free The Wingate Five”…



    1. Thanks Christine – yes I think they do. There aren’t a lot of us but we are there for almost every match. I, of course, was dressed as a photographer 😉

    1. I wish more of our local community went to the Football – sadly, most of those who profess to be football fans preferto sit infront of the TV and watch the Premier League. A lot of them have probably never seen a live match 😦

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