The Groundsman

Every Football Club has one…
…watching over the pitch and complaining about all the Divot’s



    1. That’s very kind Judith – it has become a bit of a series already, so yes. But, it can only go so far before the subject matter is exhausted.

    1. Thank you – it helps when the person you’re photographing has been instructed to pose for you 😉 The others are caught in the heat of the match when they don’t even know they’re being photographed.

  1. I’ve been wowed by your ‘action-shots’ for some time, Martin, but man… these portraits you’ve been posting lately are just incredibly sharp… so nice!

    1. Thanks Bob – It’s a small project I’m doing based around football. I’m looking to improve my portraiture in both posed and candid shots 🙂 It’s nice to challenge myself with things like this!

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