Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

New Season…

New Season

A clothing advert on Regent Street – it feels like Spring didn’t happen in London (at least not yet) and the Summer Season is already being promoted. Time to change out of Winter’s garb and to seek something suitable for summer – whatever that may bring.



  1. it seems that you had 6 months of winter .. not much time left for the other seasons …. must be a challenge for retailers ..

    • It does seem to have been a long winter – starting in mid-October. Here we are in mid-April and the Leaves haven’t appeared on the trees yet. The buds have just broken on our Rowan – a whole month late! Normally it would be starting to flower around now.

      The retaillers are already struggling with the economic conditions and I guess the meteoroligical ones aren’t helping any!

  2. Cant wait to shet the winter layers, tights and boots 🙂

    • It will be nice to go out without having to put on a coat! 😉

      • I can’t quite believe it will ever happen, although yesterday was warm enough to work in the garden with just a tee-shirt and a jumper….so maybe there’s hope 🙂

      • It was continuous heavy rain down here yesterday afternoon – I got absolutely soaked taking photos at the football match 😦 We’ve got a bit of sun today though so maybe, just maybe…

  3. mrscarmichael says:

    good god i hope it’s not going back to winter garb!@£$%^

  4. It’s Winter all year round: layers, layers, layers. Oh, for Sundance shorts and flimsy cotton!

  5. It’s out there somewhere Martin . . . .

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Sigh, for summer to return….

  7. Beautiful ad and image both —
    Repeat after me: Spring WILL come. (Needs the fervor of the scene in Peter Pan when the audience helps to save Tinker Bell: I DO believe, I DO believe, I DO believe.)

    • At the moment I’m more inclined to believe in fairies 😉 Actually, it is looking a bit more spring like outside this morning 🙂

  8. Supereasyontheeyes…

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