The Linesman

Continuing a background theme of people involved with football…
The Linesman



  1. wonderful portrait martin, he has that look of concentration a linesman needs 🙂

    • Thank you Christine. He was quite a character compared with the normal close cropped Lino. I don’t remember any controversies during the Leiston match where he was officiating, so he must have had a good game 🙂

  2. robbie savage his mentor ??:)

  3. I really like that you have this in black and white.

  4. ‘I am a lineman for non-league football…’
    OH, NO! I can’t believe I ‘went all’ Glen Campbell on you, sorry about that, Martin! *cringes*
    Brilliant portrait, sir… talk about an intense gaze (and capturing the moment)! Very, very nicely done!

    • LoL – I really am, or rather was, a Lineman for the Post office / BT. Nowadays they keep me locked in a room in case I frighten the customers 😉 Know the song well and have been known to murder it occasionally!

      Thanks Bob – He looked an ideal subject for a B&W. I’ve had to work at it a bit to bring out the details in the highlights – it was a very sunny day out at Leiston (either that or Sizewell B reactor was alight – it’s all Nuclear isn’t it!). The officials had a good game over all – unfortunately we didn’t take our chances in front of goal and Leiston took theirs.

  5. A very ruggedly handsome man. Your portraiture is excellent!

  6. This is fantastic, Martin! You have captured his focus perfectly!

  7. A man of true style and you caught him so beautifully!

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Interesting looking man – I really like his look.

  9. Fantastic portrait. The man, his character, and the sheer beauty of the black and white.

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