Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Colours of The Rainbow…



    1. Thanks Christine – it was the closest I could find. It’s amazing how each of the ‘blues’ is interpreted when you go looking for examples on the web. I don’t normally post water-lilies – that’s one of your specialities and I always enjoy looking at those on your blog 🙂

  1. Those colors are photogenic in their own right, but when combined with line, shape, texture, etc. like you’ve done here… wow… talk about demanding of attention! Very nicely done, as always, Martin!

    1. Thank you Bob – I was looking to provide variety within the images (I could have covered every color quite easily with shots of buses but that would have been boring!) 🙂

    1. Thanks very much – they are indeed railings set into the side of a building on Rue Georges Sorel in Perpignan. But quite why they are there I have no idea – they’re not protecting anything; they don’t extend to ground level and there is no sign that there was ever a window behind them. Made for a great photo opportunity though 🙂

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