Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

First a quick note about the Phoneography challenge – lots of people were already submitting excellent cameraphone images to the weekly photo challenge, so why we had to go through the ‘phoneography’ thing I don’t know 😦 I’m always impressed with a good image whatever it’s taken on 🙂

In any football match the future can be very tense, especially when the referee reaches for his cards…
Sending Off
.. In the image the players are currently unsure what will happen but Ahmet – framed by the Ref’s arm – is about to be sent off for retaliation. I will never understand how you can have a situation where a player elbows another in the face but is not penalised but the player who reacts to that level of provocation is sent off? Both actions were clearly visible to everyone looking at what was going on but the Ref didn’t seem to be looking that way 😦 In fact, most fans are pretty sure he didn’t see anything that went on and only reacted to the opposition player squealing and rolling around on the pitch. This game, and the image above, have gone down in the annals of the Ryman League’s history as Wingate & Finchley had 5 players sent off by this referee resulting in the match being abandoned – the first time that this has happened in the history of the Ryman / Isthmian league. You have to ask why… The game was not ill-mannered. The players weren’t kicking each other up in the air. There was one bad challenge – W&F’s Ronayne coming in from behind to take out a Thurrock player which drew a perfectly reasonable red card but, apart from that, it was really a ‘Gentleman’s Excuse me’!



  1. love your take on this challenge martin! great photo!!!

  2. Looks like the kind of situation best approached with a l-o-n-g lens (until things diffuse a bit, anyway)… very tense, indeed! And very impressive – as always, Martin! 🙂

    • LoL – It was interesting discussing it with Ahmet and Weathers’ in the bar afterwards. A good lens will always pull in the angst of the situation and it don’t half help when the subject matter is so stationary compared with the normal action of the football field 😉


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