Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

My work mobile has a camera but, as they didn’t see fit to give me a mini-sd card for it, it doesn’t get used 😦 However, entering into the spirit of using something other than my trusty Canon…


…I give you a view of Long Lane taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. – First time it’s been used since I bought it a month back (the camera, not the tablet) 🙂 The image has been cropped and sharpened prior to posting.


    1. Hi Christine – Terraced houses of standard Victorian London design and a mix of Lime and Plane trees which get an annual haircut 🙂

    1. Thanks Debra 🙂 There are some interesting shots around. I’m not going to make a habit of using the tablet for the challenge though, it’s too unwieldy for photography. Much better doing what I bought it for – reading magazines and browsing the web when other people want to use the main pc 😉

  1. Bro, that is one cool neighborhood. Does look peaceful, clean, something you want to wake up morning after morning. My wife wants to have a Samsung Note this year. Looks like it gives crisp images. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks – too much dog mess these days, but not a bad neighborhood in general. 2 to 3 times a year we get cars being hit whilst parked by fools that think it’s ok to do 50 in a 30 limit. 🙂

      The Samsung 10.1 is a very nice tablet – don’t confuse it with the Samsung Note 7.1 phone – very different beast 😉 Happy to chat more on this as it’s a difficult choice

  2. Impressive image from that tablet, Martin!
    It’s too bad your work phone doesn’t have a card – it’s so nice to have a camera with you at all times (and so disappointing when you come across something you’d love to shoot but your camera is at home)!

    1. Thanks Bob – I thought it handled the light conditions well. My camera goes with me most of the time so I don’t miss too much 😉

    1. Mid morning on a Saturday Patti – some cars are away because people are doing their shopping 😉

      It’s a reasonably quiet neighbourhood – the road is busiest on weekdays between 08:00 and 09:30 (school run and commuting) in the morning between 15:00 and 16:00 (pm school run) and between 17:30 and 18:30 (evening commute). Plenty of commuters and school children on foot too but other times of the day it is a quiet street despite being the most direct route between Finchley Central and East Finchley.

    1. Hi Tony – they give them a ‘haircut’ each year which is why it looks odd. The process is called pollarding and used to mainly be applied to Willow trees to produce young twigs for the basket making industry. For city trees it’s a good way of keeping them down to a sensible size. The closest is a Lime tree and they grow to 130ft if left unchecked! The other common type planted along our streets is the London Plane – the book says they grow to 100ft. The book is wrong… 200ft would be nearer the mark 😉

  3. Your neighborhood is really beautiful. I am thinking of Samsung tab since a long time and with the picture you’ve given me another reason to go for it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, the neighborhood is ok – it’ll look better when the sun is out and the trees have got their leaves 🙂

      Check out the Tablet and the Note – the specs are different. I went for the Note 10.1 because I liked the idea of the pen 🙂

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