That Bridge

It’s bugging me…
That Bridge
Popping up when least expected
Appearing in the middle of my day
Or in last night’s dream
A monolith of brick and iron
On the edge of concious thought
Challenging, Urging,
Daring me to cross it
Asking if I’m ready for
The other side…

That bridge…
How I damn it as it damns me
Ever present in my thoughts
A well of gravity trying,
Pulling, me in
A shadow crossing my path
A path that
I have yet to walk
Who says you must pay the ferryman?
When there’s
That Bridge…


Martin Addison – 07/03/2013



    1. Hi Gerald – the irony of course is that the bridge will appear on Geograph in a very different guise (though I am tempted to submit this b&w too!) πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Judith, thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ The photo of the bridge came first – it’s over the railway line between Gospel Oak and Upper Holloway. Every time I passed under it I was thinking ‘must visit and see if I can get decent shots of some freight trains’. So that’s where the ‘bugging’ bit came from. Add in the grey wet weather and the poem grew out of the brooding presence of the bridge when seen from this angle. Yes, ‘the other side’ does speak of death and the ferryman of ancient legend so he did get referenced πŸ™‚ In the real world the bridge connects Ingestre Road with Churchill Road within the Gospel Oak area of London – you’ll be able to find it on Bing’s birds eye view πŸ˜‰

  1. Great stuff, Martin! Each is impressive on their own, but they work so well together!
    I really like the contrasty processing in your photograph, too – so fitting of the subject matter (of both pieces)!

    1. Thank you Patti – When doing B&W I usually have an agenda in mind and the processing is taylored around that. The main secret here was the overcast light and the steady rain. I think too many photographers put their cameras away when it’s raining – they miss so many opportunities.

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