One of my duties at Wingate & Finchley entails taking photos of the individual players each season. I couldn’t resist close cropping this season’s shot of Ahmet – there was a quiet determination about the look in his eyes.



  1. Lovely shot! You really did a good job getting every detail and alignment. I can recognize that look of determination! 🙂

    • Thank you – every now and then a photo just looks like it wants to be converted to B&W. Details hidden by colour then begin to stand out! 🙂

  2. Interesting. I think there would in fact be a big emotional (?) difference were this in color. Color makes things very attractive, but it can also obscure some other things.
    Maybe it is the determination that B/W makes stronger —

    • Hi Judith – I like to think that my choice when converting to B&W was entirely because I recognised that it would bring out the character behind the face. Ahmet admits that he has freckles but they are not visible in color images – so he told me tonight after a great performance for Wingate & Finchley 🙂 I’ve suggested that he should find the full size version and give a copy to his Mum – I’m sure that she would love it and she is more than welcome to have a copy of the photo 😉

  3. Very nice photo! A handsome and yes, determined, young man! 🙂

  4. Wow – nice work, as always, Martin!
    Is there any genre you don’t do well?! I seriously doubt it!
    A friendly feel… but you can definitely sense a real intensity, there, too… no doubt about it!

    • Thanks Bob 🙂 I have yet to experiment with the smoke and water in the studio – in truth, I am not a studio photographer. The elements favoured me on the day; nice even light from an overcast sky giving little in the way of shadows or extreme highlights. When mother nature works with you it makes it all a lot easier 🙂

  5. I want to say “Wow” too! Quiet determination definitely but with that hint of a smile I also see a certain twinkle in his gaze. Hope Ahmet is having a good season!

    • Ahmet is having a good season at present. Off the pitch he’s a wonderful guy. On the pitch, he’s got fantastic skill but he can often bubble over and make silly challenges or argue with referees and get himself sent off. He played for England Under 17’s but his temperament has been his downfall. He should be playing at a far higher level than Wingate & Finchley. We, the Fans, love him – he always gives 100% for the team and watching him run with the ball or leap to head it at a corner gives that glimpse of his ability. It’s just a shame that he is a ref-magnet. The sad irony is that, at the highest level of football, most of Ahmet’s challenges would be seen as ok! It’s a funny world in Non-League!

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