Happy Birthday… London Underground

Today, 9th January 2013, the London Underground celebrated 150 years since services started between Paddington and Farringdon in 1863. Here is a selection of images in recognition of this milestone…

See the Transport for London website for details of events to celebrate the anniversary.


    1. Perhaps Celebrations is not the right word Christine… There are exhibitions, talks, additional ‘behind the scenes’ open days at Acton and a special train on this coming Sunday and again on the 20th. So… Events to celebrate 🙂

  1. Can’t believe it has been going for so long! I do admit though that it is the best subway that I have experienced. It can literally take you anywhere.

    1. Hi Colline – yes, it has been going that long! The mainline railways celebrated 150 years back in 1980 which was the 150th anniversary of the Liverpool and Manchester line. But some railways like the Stockton and Darlington had worked for some years previous to that date and carried passengers, so it was a bit of an ‘arbitrary’ choice of date 😉

      I suspect that most Londoners have a jaundiced eye when it comes to the Underground – we don’t know when we’re well off 😉

      1. If they were to rely on a service that was not as frequent, or as well serviced as theirs, I think they would change their minds 🙂

      2. I agree Colline 🙂 I’m lucky, I no longer commute to work, so the few times I have to travel to a meeting, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Actually, it is a breath of fresh air as our team meetings usually happen in St.Albans so it’s a bus and a mainline train 🙂

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