BNSF on Railworks

Following on from my Union Pacific switcher shots, here are some BNSF locomotives on the Cajon Valley line at the request of Patti 🙂

BNSF ES44AC 5747 at San Bernadino

BNSF ES44AC 5747 at San Bernadino with BNSF SD40’s for company

BNSF SD75 8293 at Thorn

BNSF SD75 8293 at Thorn

BNSF SW1500 3463 at Oro Grande

BNSF SW1500 3463 at Oro Grande

Santa Fe F7 38C at Victorville

Santa Fe F7 38C at Victorville



  1. Looks like there might be ‘one or two’ horses available right there. 😉
    Very cool, Martin!

    • (Should have mentioned that I think the ‘BN’ comes from ‘Burlington Northern’ (which was partially made-up of former ‘Great Northern’ R.R. – one of the lines serving the area where I grew up, Martin… of course I suspect you already knew that.)

      • Just taking the individual locomotive units quoted in the captions, I make it 11,700 horses – I’d like to see John Wayne round that lot up 😉

        BN does indeed come from Burlington Northern 🙂 And, as you rightly say, it was formed by the merger of a number of companies including the Great Northern Railroad. Now here’s a connection – my local railway (nowadays part of London transport’s Northern Line) was part of the Great Northern Railway 🙂

  2. hi just came to see your site great images sorry i havent been in a while xjen

  3. I really like the colours in these Martin

  4. I really like what you have done with these pictures. But I wonder using what tool or software you process these pictures. They look awesome. 🙂

    • Thanks Arindam 🙂 They’re screenshots from a simulation game called Train Simulator. It’s a computer game that I find very relaxing after a day at work. Minimal processing in photoshop.

      • Ok. I have no Idea about this game. I have to check it out. I felt like playing project IGI, while watching these images. That was a game which kept me hooked during my four years of Engineering. 🙂

      • If you like trains and want to be a driver then great – if not, you’ll be bored by this game…

  5. I wondered where these shots came from at first. Pretty realistic. I like the classic Sante Fe locomotive.

    • Hi Binky – Thanks for popping by. That F7 is a classic. One of the other scenarios has the earlier E7 in Boston and Maine livery. Unfortunately there isn’t any Australian content easily available at present – hopefully some will appear in the future. I’d also love some Southern African content 🙂

  6. Martin, thank you so much – these are beauties! I have photos of the 5747 and I have been to Victorville but I would love to catch sight of that magnificent F7. Watching the power of these beasts as they pass by is truly breathtaking, all that horsepower!

    • I doubt you’ll find an F7 on the active railroad. You’ll have to find one in a museum 😦 Galveston Railroad Museum has a pair painted in Santa Fe livery – they were with New Haven Railroad originally…

      For an original you’d have to go to the California State Railroad Museum where they have 347C.

      I’d love to see your photos sometime 🙂

  7. Perfect perspective. Especially enjoyed the Santa Fe.

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