The Night Lady

You stand atop the stair
A chill presence
I often feel you there

Music, you love
The piano you played
In a lonely room
With chill fingers

Did you know this house?
Or live here
Before the time
Of terraces and maisonettes?

I hear you at night
Unexplained Sounds
in the corner of a room
There is Warmth within the chill

Lady of our home
Thank you for
Watching over us…


  1. sounds like a friendly ghost in your lovely poem …. but why is she there martin? i guess living in a big old city means there have been many unhappy deaths where spirits remain present instead of moving on with their journey … maybe you will know what it is she is waiting for … or perhaps it is just to look after you πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Christine – I’m afraid we don’t have any answers. I only know that She is a She because my mother saw her once – I have never seen her. I did hear a couple of notes from our piano once which remain unexplained – hence the reference to music.

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