Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Horwich Works and Rivington Pike
Horwich Works and Rivington Pike

Five Trees
Five Trees Through a Hawthorn Hedge

Roof, Roding and Road
Roof, Roding and Road


  1. Very wonderful collection. I can’t decide which is the best between the first and second. Maybe the first for the color. But the second, is timeless. Tree near and tree far.. Great job pal.

  2. Another great tip…I think I have noticed that at times I capture the “near and far” without really intending to, and it does make a pleasant effect. Other times I “work” to eliminate the framing that includes the “near” piece–I need to rethink that! πŸ™‚ Debra

  3. Man… I really like all of these, Martin…
    the nostalgic atmosphere I feel from / in of the first…
    the calm and brilliant framing of the second…
    the looming structures of the third…
    very nicely done, sir!

  4. The 1st photo looks like it could’ve been taken back in the olden days. It just has that kind of feel to it. Photo posts make it easier to catch up on my blog reading. I am way behind again. Photo posts or webcomics are just quicker to get through than trying to read longer posts which I tend to think I will come back to when I have more time to spare but it often never happens.. Anyway must keep moving. Have a great day Martin.

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