Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

With the Coming of the Railways came the Suburbs…
Then with the post-war regeneration came the tower blocks…
Tower Block
The Suburbs were made Urban…
No Ball Games

“You think you know the answers but we don’t tell no lies
We can take you anyway thro’ seven different highs
World turned upside down now, there’s nothing else
to do, but live in concrete jungles, but they block up the views”… Psychedelic Warlords; Hawkwind


    1. Thank You – I apologise for not keeping in touch recently. I have been experimenting with some slightly different subject matter in my posts – didn’t want to stagnate 😉 Hope you and your family are well.

      ps – Poetry from the Track Psychedelic Warlords by Hawkwind – ’70’s rock band 🙂

  1. Stunning pictures. I liked the first one a lot. The black and white look and it’s composition giving a different feeling to it. Wonderful work.

    1. Thanks Arindam – I used HDR on that one and then converted to B & W to produce a grittiness that the environment evokes in me. The guy walking by rolling a cigarette was just luck of the draw 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Perhaps they provide a recognition that we have shrunk into our smaller dwellings and prefer not to deal with the outside anymore?

    1. LoL Gerry – well, we don’t have any Finchley here, just Hendon, Whitefields and Vauxhall. Hopefully I gave you good memories of Hawkwind 🙂

    1. Thanks Patti – Urban always brings an image of grit and grime to me and I try to accentuate that in my choice of photo subject and the way I treat it. Psychedelic Warlords… Brilliant track 🙂

  2. I love the satellite dish and the bicycle! perfect choices, and you’re right about my urban environment being quiet! I live near the mouth of the river about five kilometers from that town, and today the loudest sounds come from the wind and the flop-flop-flopping of pelicans’ wings on the water!
    the bicycle made me chuckle! z

    1. Thanks Lisa – In a place like London people have to be innovative with their storage solutions 😉 I get a wide range of birds coming to my window for food but nothing of Pelican size – Wood Pigeons are normally the biggest 🙂 With the Local Fire Station 400yds away, I’m always guaranteed some excitement 😉

      1. How great that your place is a feeding post for the birds! They surely add a lot of pleasure to anyone looking out that window.
        There are over 100 pelicans in view right now and many other water birds as well. The pelicans are the stars for today! Z

    1. Ahhh, well, not sure I can agree with that but we all have our favourite photographic styles and subjects 😉 Thanks Rommel 🙂

    1. Hi Colline – yes, a lot of changes after the war. New housing to replace those that were destroyed. Then the Baby Boom of the 1950’s made more housing essential and really forced the High Rises that were to become the ghettos of the 60’s and 70’s.

  3. Hi,

    my name is Terence and I posted this week’s photo challenge. I would like to put together a gallery of all the amazing submissions and wanted to ask if you would like to participate. If so you simply upload (one of) your photo(s) to the gallery here:


    there is a submit button next to the title – please also add the location and if you have, a title (less important).


  4. Brilliant work, as always, Martin!
    There’s ‘just something’ about the urban environment that sucks me in to the raw/gritty kind of quality images you have shared here…

    1. Not sure… Think it’s more about people becoming less tolerant of each other, changes in the law regarding how children are dealt with when they misbehave and a desire by local council’s to pre-empt any issues… So, No Ball Games (which in the UK equates to kicking a football around a bit of grass).

  5. Interesting place to hang a bike. Once again I’m way behind with my blog reading/commenting. With Spring arriving I’ve been busy in the yard getting my new veggie garden at our new house ready for planting. We had so many wet weekends during winter that now I have just so much yard work to catch up on.

    1. LoL Tony – you and me both. I have a project clearing the back garden beyond the Rowan. Lots of shrubs and weeds to clear. Then I’m getting back to growing vegetables 🙂

      1. Okay, let me rephrase that: There is a beauty in the ugliness you captured in those pictures 🙂

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