Are You My Type?

My regular readers will know that I also have a Flickr account on which I post a lot of photos that may not necessarily make their way to my blog. You make lots of contacts on Flickr, often because you happen to see a photo that you like in the ‘everyone’s uploads’ section. One of these is a Lady called Karol Franks whose daughter has Kidney disease. Karol has been campaigning to bring the issues of kidney disease and the difficulties associated in finding donors to public attention. Knowing that many of you are in the US, perhaps you know someone who may be a match or perhaps you know of other people in a similar predicament and can join in with the efforts to bring donors and suffers together. Please watch Karol and Jenna’s video…

Thanks for watching 🙂 You can visit Karol’s account on Flickr here.



  1. No giving up! Once there is life, there is hope. A courageous share! The one that seeks finds. Answers will come and so will solutions.

  2. Very thought.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Jenna’s video! There are patients from every country in the world who are waiting for a kidney that may never come. This film is dedicated to them all! Your support is greatly appreciated!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Martin. Hope Jenna gets the kidney she needs.

    • Thanks Nancy – it’s a cause that I hope will gather momentum not just for Jenna but for all those who need to find donors throughout the world.

  5. I had planned on giving this a quick look but wound up watching the whole thing…
    really makes you stop and think about some of the things it’s easy to take for granted and some of the folks who (so very sadly) aren’t healthy enough to have that luxury…

  6. i hope she finds a happy ending did you know theres numerous charities for heart trouble kidney and other organs but hardly any for liver disease not much help around when needed hope you have a lovely week xxjen

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this video. Best wishes to her. Hope her efforts will get the result. Very thought provoking.

  8. So often someone shares a particular story on a blog that stays with me and I carry them with me for a long time. Karol and Jenna are in my prayers. And to think you met them through Flikr and then passed the story on to us. It’s a big connected world. You never know! Debra

    • Thanks Debra – Lets hope it brings the subject to the fore and that donors will come forwards, not just for Jenna but for suffers worldwide.

  9. An important message, Martin.

  10. This is so heartbreaking. I take my hat off to all concerned, the suffering of the sick and the generosity of the living donors. I do hope Jenna’s situation improves soon.

  11. Thank you for sharing Karol and Jenna’s story. The pain, suffering , waiting and hoping for the patient and their families can not be sum up in words. I just wish they would soon receive the organ that will save and change their lives. May this post tell people that is a noble and generous to be a part of an organ donation list. One day, when we leave this world, someone may need a part of ourselves that will allow them to live.

    • Thanks. I hope it brings sufferers and donors together. Karol is trying to get the message to as wide an audience as possible for what is a global issue that reaches far beyond her Daughter’s personal circumstances. You are right to raise the organ donation list – I am on that in the UK. If everyone was one worldwide then it might make a difference but, sadly, not all countries are in a position to operate such a system.

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