I suspect that just about every Olympic Games has had some controversy ever since the eary days of the genuine ancient olympics. Back then I don’t doubt that debate in the Greek tradition was used to resolve the issue assuming that the person at fault didn’t accidentally die behind the Transit van in the corner!

Coming into the Olympics the majority of the press were looking for the first Dope – Guys, you should come to the DeHavilland Aircraft Museum where you can witness Doping on a grand scale 😉 But the Olympics has been pleasingly free of such nasty things so far – a well done to all the competitors for entering into the spirit of fair competition 🙂

Sadly, Badminton has hit the headlines – unusually. The normally peaceful wafting of raquets at broiler chicken feathers attached to a lump of cork has created a shock-horror scenario in which a number of atheletes have been branded as cheats for trying to throw matches to obtain a better draw. It’s not for me to point a finger at the countries or atheletes involved – you can all read your newspapers / websites.

It has however caused me as an outsider to ask some questions about how the sport is organised. How can a knockout competition be set up in such a way as to benefit the losers in a round? In Football, for example, winning a group leads to playing the second placed team in another group – an easier route on average through to the final. If the advantage being ‘played for’ by the subsequently disqualified Badminton Players was a result of how progression is decided – come lower and you get a better draw – then it is the Badminton Federation that has as many questions to answer as those who sought to gain advantage 😦

Thank God the Footie Season is just around the corner… At least we know the rules even if the ref’s don’t 😉