Lots of E’s today… As a result of events in my working life I wound up watching a bit of Equestrian and the Elimination rounds of the Archery at the London Olympics. However… Electricity is the high voltage subject for today.

As a society… worldwide that is… what do we do now that doesn’t rely upon a reliable electricity supply? Not a lot really. And I was not too surprised when confronted recently with Cubs that had never seen a match! Electricity is a key part of our lives – this Blog isn’t possible without it.

So today I had our usual early morning call with my team – one DBA in the UK and two coding persons in India. All ok, work in hand and off we go… Around midday I get the info that India and the Kolkata area where my offshore team is based has lost power as the grid has shut down. This means that my guys over there can’t do their work – not a major worry from my point of view. I accept that sometimes there will be issues. In fact my biggest concern normally is that they will over do it to catch up tomorrow which I’d rather they didn’t because they’re far better to me when they’re thinking on two feet.

India is not doing too bad in respect of power outages – from experience Zimbabwe is very bad, but national / regional festivals like Holi are probably more disruptive year on year than the loss of power experienced today – though I always encourage our team to enjoy their festivals as I feel that it’s important that we all feel comfortable with who and what we are.

The devastating effects of what happened to the power grid in India today reminded me that the US suffered very badly in November 1965 when the power grid went walkies. Over 30 million people on the East Coast of the USA and Canada found themselves without power on that occasion. The tiniest fault in our national grid systems can render us impotent. This is not just an issue that might affect my friends and colleagues in India – anyone can be downed by a simple power failure. My Colleague Rohit joked that perhaps India has finally caught up with the 1960’s USA! 😉 Perhaps we need to find a non-electricity reliant back up to our lives where ever we live and work?