Our society is built around Decency.   I pass through our city’s streets each day and see the majority of my fellow English people regardless of their stature within our great society acting with proberty and good will towards others.  Yes, there are many poor who struggle to make ends meet but the charity of our churches will help most while others will be supported by the workhouse.

This is our city at daytime but the night reveals the limits of the Decency that our society has driven.   I follow city fathers through the cloistered alleyways of London.   These are the paragons of society who I would hope to be out seeking to uphold the decency of society in the gaslight hours.   Instead I see theft, the deliberate reposession of property from the poor, evictions and the intentional misuse of poor people by those who should know better.

Worst of all, in our great Christian city I find that there are ladies of ill virtue parading the streets in full view of the Constables that are supposed to uphold the dignity of our society within its laws.   I see them providing their services to gentlemen of parliament and to gentlemen of the cloth.  This flies in the face of all that the Christian church has taught me is Decent.   If I can’t trust the law, the church or Parliament to maintain Decency then I must do it myself for the  good of our society.

Tonight I removed one of the blemishes on our city permanently – a professional lady ( I use the term loosely) – and in a manner that I hope will discourage her kind.   I will move to eradicate the temptations until the Law does its job to remove these evil people from the street and restore Decency to our community…

I will continue to deal with this issue as long as I am able… Jack

I’ve been a bit lax recently as time has been at a premium so here goes with a little catch-up on the Photo Challenge front. Movement can be protrayed in a number of ways. Cartoonists used to add speed streaks to their figures to give an impression of speed.   Animators used rapidly whirling feet and sound effects.   Still photographers must (normally) rely upon the visual cues within the image to convey movement.   They can choose to allow the subject to blur or perhaps, to follow the subject and allow the background to be blurred.   Equally, as I have done in the image below, they can allow the picture to tell a story of movement…

Blasting Through Reading

… I hope that the sharp lean into the corner and the black exhaust smoke above the locomotive gives an adequate impression of a train on the move.

This is 47077 ‘North Star’ heading a London bound express through Reading station in 1975.   It’s a nice warm summer day but the passengers will be overheating in their air-conditioned carriages without any windows to open – you see, 47077 doesn’t have the electrical output to power the air-con.   She’s almost certainly standing in for a failed sister locomotive or a Class 50.   And she’s running late – hence the fireworks through the station  🙂