Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

I actually thought… Damn – This is going to be a head on! – Until the police driver took action and jinked left to avoid the Dyno-Rod van that swept out of the side road into his path with no thought to the blaring sirens…Close...…I was right in the firing line if they had contacted each other. You’d think a van driver with his window wide open would be able to hear Police sirens wouldn’t you!



  1. You would, Martin. Ignoring a police car: that’s bordering on foolhardy!

    • I’ll be honest Kate – the photo does not give any hint of how close this felt from where I was standing… A quick twitch on the wheel carried the Police car clear… nor does it give any true indication of the speed of the passing vehicles 😦 I was set up for street photography with an emphasis on clear and sharp shots of transport in motion – a slower shutter speed might have been beneficial to show the movement.

  2. If you’re gunna have a head on then a police car isn’t your best choice of victim.

    • I guess he was lucky that they were on a shout – otherwise he might have been in receipt of the old ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello 😉

  3. Martin on the spot —
    you kept a pretty cool head yourself! Must have been really scary moment, however fleeting.

  4. YIKES! Looks like some plumbing work was nearly needed on TWO sets of radiators!!!

    • Well, I don’t know about the plumbing but I suspect that had the shout been called off a minute of so later the police might have been turning around to try and find a bright orange van – no contest there 😉

      I pulled onto a roundabout near where I live last week as a police car was coming round (just cruising) – plenty of space to do so safely without requiring them to brake or take avoiding action… a few minutes later they were following me up the hill and through Finchley central – then someone who wasn’t behaving in the expected manner towards red and green lights got their attention! But I did wonder why they’d turned around and whether they were following me. I’d done nothing wrong other than showing clean acceleration into a roundabout – I don’t think accelerating briskly to avoid causing an issue for other road users is a crime and I certainly didn’t exceed the speed limit 😦

  5. and you were ready with the camera! 🙂

    • Yes – But only because I had been photographing the local area for the Geograph project and also the local public transport for my own interest (my regular visitors will tell you that I’m a transport enthusiast!) 🙂 Here’s a view looking the other way from the same spot…Ealing Broadway

  6. Perfect shot. It was a fleeting moment for sure. 😉

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