At the annual awards ceremony it fell to me to give this award. It was a very up and down season for Wingate & Finchley and although we finished in 13th position on 59 points – the -16 goal difference tells the story of how bad some of the defeats were. The worst of all from a fans point of view was the 0-5 drubbing at home by local rivals Hendon. Equally, none of the fans will forget the glorious fightback from 0-3 down against East Thurrock to achieve a notable draw when down to 10 men.

In a season with so many ups and downs and with several serious candidates for the award, it is perhaps not surprising that the fans went for someone who is consistent – in fact many a fellow fan has commented that ‘you know exactly what you’re going to get’ with this player. As I said in my speech – he’s not the quickest, but he holds the ball up well. He always puts his effort in and doesn’t give up. He likes to walk through defenders rather than going around them. His lack of pace is more than compensated for by his deft touches which have often set up chances for other players. The sight of him lolloping into the area with his hair flopping around and his tongue hanging out led me to christen him ‘The Dulux Dog’ earlier in the season. But the fans often mis-chant his name from the terraces as David Lairdinho in respect of his obvious ball skills – he is, of course…

David LairdDavid LairdDavid Laird v WealdstoneLairdy AwardCongratulations Lairdy 🙂
Match photos by myself – thanks to Eliot Katz for photographing me presenting the award.

Gerry is pushing a very important thing here. We can only raise awareness in the hope that someones child will be found safe and well.


Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Relaunch of Site with a new logo and header..   (American)

A brief look and search on the site it seems to be easier to follow and research is much clearer. It gives clear lists and details to enable people to understand and help where one can.

There are links to other sites in the UK, and more so to other countries through out the world. So I ask you please at the very least check some out and post your own info and details.

Between us the WordPress bloggers and Facebook status updates who knows we might find a lost child and able to repatriate with parents.


Gerry A/ C 2012

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