A-Z Archive: X Challenge

From My Archive I Choose…

X is for Xanten…

Photos taken during a visit twenty years ago, so please forgive the lack of detailed descriptions.  Also, I apologise for any liberties I have taken with the German language in the notes below the photos.

Xanten: Wasserpumpe
Xanten_Markt and Rathaus
Xanten: Markt und Rathaus
Xanten: Kurfürstenstraße
Xanten_Kleve Strasse and Kleve Tower
Xanten: Klever Straße und Klever Tor
Xanten_Die Kriemhild Mühle
Xanten: Die Kriemhild Mühle


  1. Great shots Martin and I am sure it is as lovely now as i looks to have been then though to tell you the truth, twenty years ago doesn’t seem so long ago!

  2. Xanten! OMG — we were there, with a dear German friend, oh at least then, maybe when you were there?
    Saw the big Roman archaological site, and a small church with whimsical brass sculptures on the altar table, etc. of forest creatures, enchanting. I especially loved the hedgehog.

      1. Hi Tony – I understand your angst… Don’t you just love recalcitrant keyboards 😉 I wouldn’t worry too much about typo’s mate – everyone makes them. Your comments are always welcome with or without them 🙂

        I too have been busy and find myself playing catch-up. The good thing is that I’ve been spending more time that is free on the Radio and that should give me material for Y 😉

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