1. Thank you James – He was stuffed… Not by a Taxidermist but by eating too many of my sunflower seeds and he really didn’t want to move so it was easy to get close to take the shot πŸ™‚

    1. LoL Frizztext – I was intrigued by the way the iris of the eye seems smudged at the bottom but looking at the others that visit the garden its normal for Woodpigeons.

  1. I have NEVER looked at a pigeon that closely, Martin πŸ˜€ This is a piece of genius. I have looked at somethign I look at every day, but in a new way. Great picture.

    1. Thanks Kate – I find the way that the neck feathers are grown fascinating. It’s not like that on Feral Pigeons, so I assume it has some display significance for Woodies. I know that Budgies use their chin spots to indicate the way they are feeling to other budgies in addition to whatever sounds they are making.

  2. Excellent close up of a beautiful bird. I love birds of every kind from plain little sparrows to brightly coloured parrots & everything in between. Don’t like seeing them caged though, in the wild flying free is where I love to see them.

    1. You’d love the view from my office window Tony – Sparrows, Starlings, Wood and Feral Pigeons, 4 types of Tit, Green and Gold Finches, Magpies, Robins, Dunnocks, and occasionally something more exotic.

      I have two Budgies that are in a cage, but the door gets opened each evening and they come out (well Paul does) to fly around the room πŸ™‚

      1. We had a budgie when we were kids & his cage door was open most of the time. He would often go back in by himself. Guess it’s different when they’re bred in captivity. I still prefer them flying free though. I think my all time favourite bird is the Wedge Tailed Eagle that we have here in Tasmania. They are just so majestic. Budgies sure are such funny little characters. In the Australian outback they fly around in huge flocks. I came across a bloke once who bred them for show & some of the colour combinations were so beautiful.

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