Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Cheating HandsCheating Hands!

CelebratingCelebrating Hands

DirectingTraffic Directing Hands

SymbolicSymbolic Hands



  1. nice!!! that last shot is perfect!!!

  2. What a wonderful interpretation of this week’s theme! Your interpretation of cheating hand in a soccer game made me laugh. “Hand of God” by Maradona came to my mind the moment I saw this photo. 🙂

    • Hi Arindam – yes, that’s the famous one isn’t it but handball’s happen all the time and for every intentional one there are loads of accidental ones. I think the ball bounced up awkwardly off a divot on the pitch and Lairdy tried to capitalise from it – The ball didn’t go forward as hoped though…It struck the defender in the face and bounced back. The ref either saw nothing or decided that it didn’t warrant any action.

  3. Hands together, applause for the entry —

  4. You have some great examples of the many things we use our hands for.

  5. excellent martin, the ideas and the pics!

  6. High Five! 😀

  7. fun variety of shots!

  8. Photo challenge success, Martin!
    Hands down!
    And thumbs up!

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