1. I used to frequent a pub in Richmond “Penny Lane”, that was run by a brittish proprietor. The theme of the pub kept with Terry’s English roots. As it turned out, he’d been a friend of Robert Plant when they were in school. In 1988, when Robert Plant played his ‘Now and Zen’ tour at the Richmond Coliseum, he and his band came to the pub, and I met Mr. Plant. It was quite the thrill to actually talk to him in person, which I did. It is a memory I’ll never forget for sure. Seldom do you get to meet a legend in your own time. Lucky me, huh?

    1. Hi Marcy – Interesting experience you’ve had there πŸ™‚ Can’t claim to have met Robert Plant but got lots of his music. I’ve met one of my guitar hero’s, Del Bromham of Stray, quite a few times – he still tours the local pubs πŸ™‚ I met Gary Numan during a fly-in and air display at North Weald – I wonder how many other people meet a pop-star and spend the whole time talking about windspeed and cloud base! πŸ˜‰

      1. Weather was the last thing on my mind. My first question to Mr. Plant is why didn’t he close his show with “Stairway to Heaven”. His reply was that he’d already overplayed the song too many times. The closing song that night was “Communication Breakdown”, another excellent song, which I am sure you are familiar with. And yes, I have oodles of Led Zeppelin albums, CDs, and maybe even a cassette tape, or two. I also have a Honey Drippers CD, etc. The day after the show, I came home and played Zeppelin music all day in my excitement. Robert Plant is actually a very nice, down to earth guy. I’d have expected him to be egotistical…at least a little, but I never caught that vibe with him. Here it is 24 years later, and I still get that thrill from meeting him, from memory alone. I would think you’d be running into all kinds of musicians where you are. The UK is oozing with musical talent. By the way, thanks for the jig in memory with this post. I wasn’t trying to steal your thunder. πŸ™‚

      2. LoL – I know you weren’t Marcy – it was good to hear your memories and even better that you have expanded on them πŸ™‚ I don’t tend to go to the places where they go… that’s my excuse anyway! I get to see bands like Man, Blodwyn Pig, The Hamsters, McCalla, etc in the local pubs but truly prominent musicians (for want of a better term) tend to be a bit private and I can’t blame them for that. As for talking about weather… We were both there in a flying capacity so it was crew chat rather than fan/hero chat πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s a pint of that strange fizzy water they call Lager πŸ˜‰ They’re concentrating on the celebrity picture section of the quiz – didn’t even hear me take the photo though I showed it to them afterwards πŸ™‚

  2. I was about to write down the same comment as TBM – I also felt the intensity. I’m not much of a beer person, but I’m sure it’s a welcome relief to these quiz-takers. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Tony – I vaguely remember the series. Don’t think it was very successful over here unlike Atkinson’s Black Adder series. I think the British public like their Police series to be serious. Look at the success of shows like The Sweeney, Taggart and Morse and you’ll know what I mean. πŸ™‚

      1. They’ve put The Thin Blue Line on here a couple of times now but they never keep it going for long. I love it but they stopped it again. I quite like Taggart, not to mention my favourite of all Heartbeat. I’ve recently started watching Hamish Macbeth which has recently started here. Not a bad show.

  3. I wasn’t sure about asking, but what is quiz night? Is it something like a trivia game? Looks fun and interesting.
    I also want to tell you, I like the badge you have on the sidebar, “Award Free Blog”. I’ve been receiving some awards, and I actually considered making a similar badge earlier this week. I had been to your blog before, but I did not notice this badge until now. Good Idea. I have my awards on my sidebar and normally participate in making a post about the award and naming nomininees. I am thinking of taking the award badges on the sidebar down. Feels a bit ackward. Start getting the feeling that I am leaving bloggers out or blogging for awards and not just for enjoyment and community. Why did you choose the “Award Free Blog” way?

    1. Quiz Night is indeed usually a form of trivia game. A master of ceremonies will ask questions in a number of rounds dealing with different subjects and teams of drinkers in the pub will attempt to answer them. In this photo they’re doing the picture round.

      I took the Award Free route because the majority of awards require a lot of effort to participate in correctly (they’re like chain letters – nominate 15 other bloggers!) – I just don’t have the time so having been nominated for a number of awards that I’d not got around to accepting I made up the badge to politely discourage any more nominations. I think comments are an ideal way to show someone you appreciate what they’ve written about πŸ™‚

      1. If I ever go to England, I plan to go to one of these pub quiz nights. Sounds and looks like fun.

        I don’t have much time to nominate for awards or type up a post for the awards. And you are right, they do seem like chain letters. I usually ignore the chain letters. If I decide on the award free way, would it be okay for me or any other blogger to use your award free badge with credit for its creation to you? πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Fergiemoto – The barman is just joining in as a non-contestant (business is slow during the rounds of questions) and I believe the other guys were also non-contestants. The teams taking part were all sitting at tables around the room.

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