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P is for Perpignan Station (Gare de Perpignan)

Perpignan Station
Why, you may ask?

…Because Salvador Dali declared Perpignan Station to be the Centre of the Universe, and who am I to argue with the great man whose tortured clocks gave visual expression to the gravitational distortion of space-time!

Talgo Express
The Catalan-Talgo providing a link through Dali’s Catalan homeland between Barcelona and Montpellier. Behind the train, the new station offices nearing completion in 2010, bring a rainbow of colours to the heat of a Catalan summer. I wonder if Dali would have approved?

Perpignan Station Trainshed
Inside the trainshed of Perpignan Station, passengers mill around. Dali reputedly had many of his greatest artistic inspirations sitting in the waiting room here. If he was right and Perpignan Station is the Centre of the Universe then one presumes that the lady is asking the station manager in which direction South lays – “Oui Madame, c’est cette voie”

A riot of colour at the south end of Perpignan station with a Train à Grande Vitesse standing in front of the new Station buildings.

Chef de Gare
Overseeing the timely departures beneath the trainshed, Perpignan’s Chef de Gare waits for the signal to give the right-away for a local service along the coast. A day out for us to the nearby port of Collioure – will have to find another challenge for those photos!

With the best will in the world, every railway has the occasional glitch. This empty stock working has just arrived late from the carriage sidings and is a single unit. Presumably it should have been formed of two units for, by the time it left, it was standing room only. I can almost hear the conversation…”Seulement trois entraîneurs aujourd’hui Jacques?” “Oui, L’autre train a échoué”

Crime D'Amour
So, was Dali right? Is Perpignan Station the Centre of the Universe? Or was his belief an infatuation… A Crime D’Amour?

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