It’s been a while since I posted an update on Wingate & Finchley’s matches in the Ryman Premier Division.   In truth, I have hit a bit of a block when trying to get up the enthusiasm to produce a match report.    This is due to getting a couple of matches behind when the league was playing catch-up after the bad weather set in back in February combined with a set of major releases to our applications at work.   It reached the stage where I either didn’t have the time or was too tired to sit down and do a lengthy match report.   As I got further and further behind, I frankly reached a point where I really didn’t see the point!   Anyway, I hope to bang out a catching up post to bring the situation up to date this weekend.

Whilst the football has suffered, my photo blogging has gone along fairly well – I’ve missed a couple of weekly photo challenges where I didn’t have anything to hand and didn’t find the time to produce something new but all-in-all I’ve been pleased to take part as often as possible.   I’d like to thank all of you who pop by from time to time to offer a kind comment, press the like button or just to take a look.   Makes it all worthwhile.

However, I’ve been feeling a little jaded recently and perhaps it’s time to explore pastures new.   That doesn’t mean moving on and ceasing to post here – far from it.  But I have really felt the need to expand into other art forms besides photography.   So, given that my son is learning the Clarinet and recently passed his first grade with a merit, I’ve treated myself to a Saxophone  – even if I can’t play it… I’m sure it’ll make some cool photographs! 😉   The other area I thought I’d have a go at is digital art and possibly also the occasional cartoon.   To that end I’ve purchased ArtRage and spent an enthralling couple of hours this afternoon playing with the tools.   I can see this being an excellent remedy for stress!   Anyway, here’s a first effort…

Mango Glass
Mango Glass

…Presumably things will improve with practice and with the use of something more suitable than a mouse!


  1. I’m sure as you play with your new program, you realize all of cool features exist that you were previously unaware of. I’ve been using Corel for almost 1 1/2 years and doubt I’ve scratched the surface yet. You first drawing looks great … keep on keeping on, you’ll be presenting us with masterpieces before all is said and done, I’m sure. 🙂

    1. Hi Marcy – I did wonder what you were using to draw and add the Orples to your images. I’m impressed with the ArtRage Studio program – it really simulates the behaviour of watercolor and oil paint very well (I have done a small amount of painting in the past). I’ve also got a copy of Manga Studio on the way for its Comic capabilities along with a Bamboo Pen & Touch Graphic Tablet which should make drawing easier than using the mouse! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

      1. That is AWESOME! I can tell from a ‘first effort’ that you are a natural! Can’t wait to check out your cartoons, too! Wonderful additions to the already stellar line-up over here, sir!
        I’m not familiar with ArtRage or Manga Studio, so I’m very excited to see more of your work with them! I’m also VERY, VERY curious to hear what you think about the Bamboo tablet. I’ve never used one (although I’ve been trying to find out more)… it seems like it would be such a wonderful help… a huge time-saver and a much more natural ‘feel’ I would guess. Not to mention the ability to control line width / opacity with pressure, etc… seems HUGE!
        Oh, and did I mention AWESOME work, Martin?!

      2. Bob – Thank you for the encouragement… I will post more as time and ability permit – don’t think that I’m really that natural at this. Learning to use the tools is proving to be an adventure – when I last used a watercolor brush I at least felt I had control! This is going to be a big learning process 🙂

  2. A sax? Wow!!! I adore the sound of a sax. I learn’t, sorry, tried to learn clarinet years ago & was doing alright in the below A notes until I had to open that rear valve to go to the higher register. Then nothing, I couldn’t get a sound out of it then. Instead of bothering to get a few lessons I eventually gave up out of frustration. Nice painting & looking forward to see what you come up with in the way of cartoons

    1. My son is doing really well with it – his teacher was impressed because he could actually get several of the higher register notes using a number 1 reed . Apparently, you need to use a harder reed when you move up the registers. As for the Sax… Heyy! It’s great when your son can tell you what you’re doing wrong 🙂 You can get Chinese sax’s for around £230 sterling or a couple of tubes of Fosters in Oz 😉 They are great for beginners and used by pro’s who worry about their Selmer gettin stolen on a school visit.

      Thanks for the kind comment about the painting – I’ll need to work hard on improving though 🙂 Cartoons… I have a couple of ideas in mind but don’t expect anything very soon. They’ll be one-offs rather than stories I suspect.

      1. I swapped the clarinet for a guitar. Not very good at that either. I now have a 12 string but it mostly sits alone in the bedroom corner since I discovered cartooning.

  3. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun with this new software. And yes the best thing about trying these software and to involve in some kind of new creative process, removes the stress. I am also thinking about a learning a new program to create animation. But not sure which one to go with. 🙂 Your first effort is looking nice.
    Take care and enjoy your time with this new software. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Arindam. I hope you have good fun with Animation. I wil post some more in the future so we can see how it goes. I noted your request about our love story… I’ll look to answer your request soon, 🙂

      1. Well it could have been better
        if I had more Easter Eggs 🙂 lol

        Have a great evening now my friend…


  4. I agree, this is a great way to take away stress and explore our creative side. Love the work. Diversity may it be at work, at home or as a personal growth is a great idea. Happy Easter.

  5. What a fantastic first effort and can’t wait to hear more about ArtRage – which does seem to be the perfect name for polishing the faded artistic jade! Am sure you and your son will enjoy making music together!

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