A-Z Archive: N Challenge

From My Archive I Choose…

N is for Night Workers

   As night falls and most people go home at the end of their day, the Night Workers come on duty

   The late shift Bus Driver with his solitary forlorn passenger…Late Bus

   The Road sweepers on the busy dual carriagewayRoad Sweepers

   The truckers driving through the night with a next day deliveryNight Truck

   The overnight inspection teams – looking for troubleBridge Inspection

   The All-Night filling station with its midnight cruisersAll Night Filling Station

   The early-opening Cafe – supper for the Night WorkersEarly Breakfast


    1. Thanks frizztext – I deliberately specified ‘Night Workers’ to leave the more general ‘Night’ available for our other A-Z challenge friends.

  1. It was a creative post. Till now I have never came across anyone who thought about creating a post on the Night Workers. Great thought and a really nice post.

    1. Thank you Arindam – I would have liked to cover a wider range, such as the sorting offices and the people working on the railway but didn’t have any shots of those in my archive.

    1. That’s very kind Judith – Night comes easy to us Half-Vampires 😉 I’m just pleased to see you recovering from your mis-adventure 🙂

    1. Thanks Christine – I enjoy taking photos at night and you don’t have to be up all hours to catch some of these essential activities 🙂

  2. Oh, this is fantastic, Martin. While we sleep they work to keep the world going. I remember watching from the vantage point of a very high floor of a London hotel as street cleaning lorries arrived in the depot below, in the early hours of the morning.

    At a tangent it reminds me of the Westworld scene when everyone’s asleep and the streets of Westworld are put back to rights, androids repaired ready for the next day.

    1. LoL – I remember Westworld too 🙂 I’ve done a bit of night work in Telephone exchanges in my younger years – wouldn’t want to do it now though. Nights is a young person’s game!

  3. Another excellent treat my friend
    and I hope that you are getting ready
    for a nice Easter Weekend 🙂

    Have a fun day and evening also 🙂


  4. These images make me nostalgic for all things nocturnal, Martin!
    Interesting how everything seems to take on such a different look / atmosphere at night!
    Really, really cool!

  5. Some great night shots. I hated working night shift. Only because I couldn’t get a decent sleep during the day with outside noise keeping me awake a lot of the time. You can’t trust those inspection teams, they’re always out looking for trouble.

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