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K is for Knights

In days of old when Knights were bold…

Richard Neville

Richard Neville puts on his Armour.   Neville, the Earl of Warwick, was known as the Kingmaker and played a pivotal part in the Wars of the Roses during the 15th century.    Falling out with Lancastrian King Henry VI, he supported the Yorkist Edward IV and saw him crowned king.   Later, having fallen out with Edward, he restored Henry to the throne.   He died at the Battle of Barnet in 1471, around 4 miles north of my home.   This is a photo from a waxworks display in Warwick Castle – home of Richard Neville.   In the summer months the castle also hosts Medieval jousting displays – some photos from which follow: –

Ready for Battle
Ready for Battle
The Joust
The Joust
A Fresh Lance
A Fresh Lance My Man!
Fighting on Foot
Fighting on Foot

All photos taken back in 2007 on a Canon Powershot A206, so apologies for some motion blur – I don’t think it was designed with ‘Sports’ photography in mind 😉

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    1. There’s lots to do at the castle but check out what’s actually on before you go because they’re forever changing the activities to keep it fresh for repeat visitors.

  1. Wow, what a fantastic choice for ‘K’. Not only that, but a great post all the way around the block. Beautiful photos and a history lesson to boot, so multiple kudos to you for a job well done. Thanks so much for sharing. 😉

    1. Thank You Marcy – The full history of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick is a fascinating one but it would need a book rather than a blog to do it justice! There is plenty about him on the web though. A fuller but still concise history of him can be found here.

    1. Thanks Bob – I felt the technical was a bit lacking myself hence the note regarding blur, but I thought the camera did really well for what it is! Be a lot easier with the SLR and lenses I’m using now 😉

  2. Wonderful entry Martin! Reminds me of the jousting that they have at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival every year. Even though these are really great photos, IMHO you’ve become a master at ‘Sports’ photography since 2007.

    1. Hi Gerry – Thank you very much for considering me for this award. I have been offered a number of awards in the past and, in truth, whilst I’m always pleased that someone thinks highly enough of my posts to put me forward for one, I have never found the time to fully participate in the requirements of the award and so have never posted it (with one exception). The same will happen with this one too I’m afraid – I’m still trying to catch up with my football match reports (which is why I started the blog in the first place)! The positive is that I think you have pushed me into deciding to make my blog an award free one and I’ll put a note in the side panel to that effect. Thank you again for considering me and offering me the award – Your likes and kind comments are always more than enough 🙂

      1. And that’s a beautiful thing to do. I love words so much. Sometimes I prefer stories to pictures but ofcourse a picture backed up with a story is just it!

  3. My oh my! I was at Warwick Castle a hundred years ago, and had forgotten all about it. Back in those archaic days, though, there were no such thrilling things as jousts and reenactments. Just the castle. (Of course that’s pretty impressive all by itself!) Happy to see the current scene —

    (P.S. My blog is an informal award-free zone: I just don’t accept. Not sure why — time consideration certainly one piece of it. I was interested to see you doing the same —)

    1. LoL Judith 🙂 Yes, the castle itself is very impressive. They’ve got a great range of things to do inside now, especially for the kids.

      The awards issue is that most of them are like chain letters – you’re supposed to send them on to another 15 bloggers and you have to do a post with all sorts of things in it. I’m finding it difficult enough to keep up with the posts that I want to do without adding in extra ones for awards. So I thought I’d better make it formal!

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