Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The Subway world meets the Light of Day


The Restaurant behind the Kitchen Door… From Table Cloths to Grime and Waste Bins

Behind the Facade



  1. A great representation of the light at the end of the tunnel, for sure. It indeed shows GREAT contrast. Good job. 🙂

  2. Great pictures!

  3. Very well done.

  4. Both photos are really good. I like black and white, the contrasts are striking.

    • Thank you Maggie – I felt that B&W was the way to go with this one but I need to find the time now to see what others have been coming up with 🙂

  5. the city view … thanks martin … i get a bit lost out here in the bush!

  6. very nice!

  7. Nothing like the contrast in B&W photos . . . with wet pavement glistening. 😀

  8. Terrific entries for this week’s challenge.

  9. Love the first photo! It must be welcoming to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

    • It certainly can be – I tend to use my ears a lot more when walking through subways. I also try not to use my nose… 😉 Thanks for passing by and commenting 🙂

  10. Wow, those certainly are startling contrasts, accented strongly by the black and white —

    • Thanks Judith – B&W works well for these sorts of scenes. I think it brings out the gritty unpleasant layer behind polite society. The underpass leads between a very smart shopping centre and a nice suburban housing area yet somehow seems to be able to be a cesspool! It’s why we carry our cameras isn’t it 🙂

  11. very nice contrast and reflexions!

  12. Love the saturation of contrast and atmosphere in these shots Martin!

    • Thanks Patti – not parts of London that you visited during your recent return then;-) Great to see your photos – what did you make of The Shard? Thanks for popping by, Best wishes, Martin

  13. Really cool shots Martin!

  14. The black and white really dramatizes the pictures. great take on theme..;)

  15. thirdhandart says:

    Gorgeous photos Martin! The black and white contrast is exquisite, and the HDR is amazing!

    • Thank you Theresa – I find the HDR process can introduce a fair amount of noise into an image when higher ISO’s are used. It tends to take on a grainy appearance when converted to B&W which is just what I wanted for these shots.

  16. Well done!

  17. You really did a beautiful job on these..AWESOME!

  18. Whoa! The atmospheres you’ve created in these are knock-your-socks off good, Martin…
    spectacular! Both of ’em!

  19. great photos but makes you feel like another dreary tired night lol after a hard days work xxjen

    • Thanks Jen 🙂 Try to think positive thoughts – visiting the clothes shops and having a lovely cup of coffee in Brent Cross for the first one – seeing The Christmas Lights on Regent Street for the second (it was taken not far from there) 😉

  20. perfect….those are awesome black & white picture…could you teach me how to do it ? LOL 😀

    • LoL – Just took a look at your entry… You don’t need any help from me 🙂 Thanks very much for your kind comment 🙂

      • no really…my opinion your pictures are more stunning, because I’m not B&W typical photographer…I often work so hard by using software to make good photo

      • Ok – well, in both cases the initial photo was a colour shot but I was thinking in black & white when I took them. The subway shot was very difficult lighting so I created three different exposure versions of the RAW file in photoshop before merging them in photomatix to bring out the detail. This process also has a ‘benefit’ of adding a gritty appearance in the form of noise – potentially a problem for colour but quite a handy thing when producing Urban b&w. The second shot is a straight forward conversion with no trickery. Both shots were converted to b&w in photoshop. As part of the conversion I adjust the contrast to a level that achieves the effect that I want – the photoshop converter tends on the bland side. I then use the adjust sharpness tool – you’ll need to play with the settings in this to suit your camera / sensor combination. I’ve varied it over the years but normally use 0.7 radius and 90% as the settings currently. I think the key thing to remember is that it’s your work of art – there is no right or wrong, only what you want to achieve with the shot. Hope this helps 🙂

  21. Great contrast! I like the black and white photos – sometimes they bring out more drama and detail to a photo and creates a different perspective.

  22. There’s always something captivating about B&W photos & these are great. I especially like the darkness of the 2nd one.& the contrast f the car light. I am left wondering what that bloke’s up too. I wonder if Barry & Cedric are lurking somewhere there…

    • Thanks Tony – If Barry and Cedric like Chinese food then they certainly should be lurking. The guy is shuffling the waste bins behind a Chinese restaurant 🙂

  23. Great pictures. The lights in the black & white background is looking so beautiful and stylish. Great post. 🙂

  24. i need to start remembering black and white!! I love the starkness of it! great show of contrast!!

    • Thank you Karen – Sometimes B&W can really bring out the grace and elegance of flowers so you should find some good uses for it 🙂

  25. Amazing photograph and excellent metaphor for our times – we never want to look in the alley 🙂

    • Thank you – I take photos for a web project called Geograph and that has required me to go into alleys quite often. Alleys are a place of real and superstitious fear for people but I guess I have become used to them…

  26. a bit late stopping by – but these are great clicks.
    really like the b&w effect.
    thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks pix & kardz – yes, missed you 🙂 But I suspect you’re finding it hard to keep up the same as me! I used to be able to go through all the entries on the weekly photochallenge but now there are so many (over 400 each week) that I just can’t do it 😦 I owe you a visit 🙂

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