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H is for High-Rise

High-RiseApartment blocks in Paddington

I wanted to convey the starkness of High-Rise housing in this image so I retained the converging lines of the buildings whilst removing an intruding section of an adjacent block from the right of the frame.   I then converted the image to Black & White, upping the contrast, before applying a Charcoal filter and thin black frame.


    1. Thanks Christine – I always view tower blocks as very powerful structures. I may not always agree with the thinking behind their design but they can’t be ignored and make very solid statements of intent!

  1. I love the final result of your highrise building. It really is amazing how color contrast and line placement can alter an image. Good choice for the letter “H”. Great job on the photo alteration.

    1. Thank you Marcy – I had an idea about how I wanted the finished image to appear at the time I took the shot and it seems to have come together 🙂

      1. The contrast was spectacular. I sometimes like black and white better than color images because of the bold statement it makes. You honestly did a great job of editing your photo. So kudos to you!

    1. Paddington, London (or if you’re at the station, London Paddington) 😉 If you look for Sussex Gardens London map on Google, you can see the real ones near the Edgware Road end on the south side of the street. 🙂

  2. This one is likened to an ink drawing my friend
    so very well done on your fine efforts and do keep
    adding these, as they add a touch of class to your
    Space… Be very well 2 e 0 m c a


    1. Thanks Androgoth – I try to add things that are varied so there’s always something of interest to someone. The various photo challenges are giving me opportunities to try out ideas that I, perhaps, might not have tried otherwise 🙂

      Good Hunting 🙂

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