Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Ahmet is going to regret this Hong Kong Phooey challenge…

Hong Kong Phooey

…as the Referee is going to give him a Straight Red Card.   Of course, some players don’t regret their actions…

Wot For Ref?

…They just look bemused and say “Wot’s That For Ref?”

It should be noted that Ahmet’s challenge looks much worse than it was – in fact the opposition manager stated that he didn’t think it warranted a Red Card and they offered to supply video evidence in his defence to the FA disciplinary hearing.   But the referee on the day saw the challenge from almost the same angle as my photograph and I can fully understand why he  would give a Red Card in the circumstances.   The FA stood by their man and Ahmet received, I believe, a 4 match ban.



  1. Hi ya . . and HIGH YAH! 😀

  2. That first shots, looks like it hurt. Ouch!

    • Hi Marcy – It was more of a glancing blow than the photo suggests. Ahmet was on the turn, trying to hook the ball away. The Tooting player in the B&W was jumping in to head the ball from Ahmet’s blind spot, so a collision was inevitable. There was no intent on either players part to do anything other than get the ball.

  3. Ouch! great shots and love the concept too! encouragement from christine http://wp.me/p296YA-2D

  4. What an incredible action shot with Ahmet and the Ref. I should think he’d regret that move with a 4 match ban.

    • Thanks Susan 🙂 Ahmet always gives 100% when he plays – unfortunately that often gets him in trouble with referees (especially when he will not stop questioning their decisions)! He played for England under 17’s and should be playing at a higher level than the Ryman League but he just gets sent off too often so clubs further up the ladder won’t take the chance. He’s just coming to the end of another ban at the moment 😦

  5. Not having seen this in real-time, from this angle, it really does come-across worse than it probably was. You’ve got some great reflexes and amazing instinct for capturing moments like this, Martin… wow!

    • Thanks Bob – Having a fast motordrive does help but I still have to anticipate that something is going to happen. Knowing the individual players and what they’re likely to do helps a lot 🙂

  6. That 1st one was almost a knee to the groin

  7. Ouch… That had to hurt, well just a little I guess 🙂
    Have a wonderful start to Pancake day 2 e 0 m c a


  8. Big OUCH!

  9. Hey mate … this American says: That’s not football, that’s soccer! 🙂
    Love the first shot, and funny twist on the theme!

    • LoL – Another of those ‘divided by a common language’ moments 😉 Don’t forget Aussie Rules…. That’s another game using the word Football! 😉 I went to see the London Monarchs a couple of times when they played at Wembley.

      • hehe … two distinct meanings for one word. I love Australia, and I visit there once or twice a year. I went to a soccer, er, football game in Sydney (don’t ask me who was playing) and it was lots of fun. But I still don’t get the whole Aussie Rules thing.

  10. Stunning Photos Martin as always 🙂

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