A-Z Archive: F Challenge

From My Archive I Choose…

F is for Fire Service

Essex Fire Service Crest

Essex Fire Service Crest

F is for Fire Station

West Hampstead Fire Station

West Hampstead Fire Station

 F is for Fire Appliance

London Fire Brigade DPL1146 on a shout in Barnet

London Fire Brigade DPL1146 on a shout in Barnet

 F is for Firefighter’s Helmet

Alasdair Tries On A Firefighter's Helmet

Alasdair Tries On A Firefighter's Helmet

And Finally – Finchley Fire Station at Change of Watch

Change of Watch

Checking The Appliances at Change of Watch - Finchley Fire Station



  1. Excellent shots. LOVE the fire house.

    • Thanks Nancy – that’s very much a traditional London County Council one from 1901 🙂 Finchley Fire Station is more modern but dates to 1936 and is of the concrete style favoured by the London County Council at that time. You might like the ex-Highgate Fire Station – now converted to private dwellings 🙂 Newer Fire Stations are less visually appealing!

  2. Ah, just been visiting cyberIndia and then I arrive in Clacton for a fire station briefing. Fab pictures as usual…

    • Sadly I don’t have any Indian Fire Engines 😦 Thanks Kate – I really must try to write more but with all these photo challenges I find it all too easy to let the camera do the talking!

  3. Jackie Paulson says:

    I love your photo’s and admire firemen who risk their lives. Outstanding today 🙂

  4. thirdhandart says:

    Great photos Martin! Love the West Hampstead Fire Station… and its 1901 architecture. In addition to wearing a firefighter’s helmet, is Alasdair wearing a shirt with a bus on it?

  5. all great shots

  6. Five fantastic F’s, Martin!
    Reminds me of the fire station where I grew up… it was such a cool place! I even got to tour it a few times (always loved it, of course)!

    • Hi Bob – glad I gave you some cool memories 🙂 Finchley Fire Station is 400 yards down the road from my house. Alasdair’s helmet shot was the result of a chance encounter. We were walking home from the football and found a Finchley appliance in a side road with its crew of firefighters carrying out one of their periodic access and familiarity checks. I asked if I could photograph the Appliance and they fell over themselves to be friendly and helpful including inviting Alasdair aboard 🙂 I made a point of writing to the London Fire Brigade saying what a credit to the Brigade the Finchley Firefighters are! I understand that the message was duly passed on – Headquarters were certainly pleased to receive it.

  7. It is so cool to be able to travel the world through each others blogs. These were some really nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree orples – so many interesting people and cultures to discover in a friendly environment 🙂 I’m pleased you enjoyed the photos. Thank you for dropping by 🙂

  8. Alistair looks like he’s about to take a fighter plane out for a run. The fire station looks more the kind of building that would be a pub

  9. Another excellent feast my friend…
    You have a wonderful edge with
    that camera of yours 🙂

    I especially like the ‘Change of Watch’
    offering as it adds a sense of adventure…


  10. All great shots Martin! I do admire the courage of the fire crews.

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