Anti SOPA, PIPA and Attacks on Photographer’s Rights

In support of my US blogging colleagues

In my firm belief in the right to free speech

And in line with my support for the I’m a Photographer not a Terrorist movement in the UK,

Photographer Not A Terrorist

I have applied the protest ribbon seen in the top right hand corner of the page.

I do not support the theft of artist’s work, film, music or otherwise, but this is a blatant case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and will do nothing to help the individual artist – it will just allow the corporate giants to exercise more control over the individual 😦



  1. Martin, with you all the way! My ribbon is up but I would love one of those badges – off to explore, thank you! Great photo, by the way. Stay safe!

  2. Well said, Martin. That we even have to protest this legislation speaks volumes about the loss of freedoms in America.

    Speak up. Speak out. Be heard.

    • Thanks Nancy – I saw you were blacked out yesterday πŸ™‚ We already have the Digital Economy Act over here which seems to be still-born in it’s effectiveness. These two news pages from the Beeb will bring you up to date on where we’re at: –

      The ISP’s absolutely hate the idea of blocking sites – it’s very difficult to do (there have been issues with getting the software working for starters!) and carries the risk that an innocent site will be accidentally taken out which will have legal ramifications too. Of course, the film moguls won’t pay the ISP’s legal fees if that happens will they!

  3. Go for it!

  4. Well said, Martin!
    I usually try from getting too political, but this is just absurd. In my opinion it’s upsetting when individuals steal content, but it’s even more upsetting when governmental agencies set themselves up to do so.

    • Thanks Bob – I have occasionally walked a political line here but it’s definitely not my normal post. Hopefully I won’t have to go there again for a while!

  5. Amen! Lets hope someone listens, Martin.

  6. hi finchley … i am glad to offer you the One Lovely Blog award to enjoy …. congratulations! see here

  7. Amazing shot with words Martin , at first if I did not see your hand holding your I.D
    I thought you have a big poster in that building lol , Great shot Martin I like it much πŸ™‚

  8. I entirely agree with you, Martin. I am always suspicious of Government initiatives which have lots of money behind them. There are plenty of copyright laws now, without making more.
    By the way, Kate suggested I appraise you of my latest blog, “receiver”.
    It’s rather out of date, but was my experience when working on receivers many years ago.
    Nowadays they do much better!

    John (johnell74)

  9. Damn the corporate giants. They have enough control. I’m not really up with what the SOPA thing is about. I’ll have todo some googling

    • Too right Tony – It’s not good reading. Try the video from the Stop Censorship ribbon on the top right first – it will get you started. And don’t think that American Law doesn’t affect you… They have been creating extradition agreements – ostensibly for the war against terrorism. These are now being used to extradite people from countries around the world in order to try them in America for non-terrorist crimes – unless stealing from Hollywood is an act of terrorism? It’s a disgraceful abuse 😦

  10. Cool!
    I tried to put the ribbon on my website too but it just came out a black box thing.
    Not as cool looking but at least it says something.

  11. Yes, I too support the freedom to express and speech. It’s a basic right. Whoever is trying to take this from us is the “terrorist.” That’s terrorizing our ability to speak out, to have a voice. Isn’t it part of the constitution that we all have the right to say what we believe in, to be heard, to be a part of a nation who prides in freedom? If the people’s voice will not be heard, then I fear the worst…

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