Weekly Photo Challenge: A-Archive

From my Archive I choose AEC

Makers of London’s RT and Routemaster buses they also supplied vehicles to other UK operators and across the world.

First I present a Reading Transport example of a Regent with the traditional tall AEC radiator…

Reading Corporation 304
Reading Corporation 304

And to follow, an example of an AEC Regent V with the later square radiator design in service with Devon General…

Devon General 510
Devon General 510

A lively bit of cornering πŸ˜‰



    1. Thanks Jane – a real test of the suspension πŸ˜‰ To quote from one of my Flickr contacts… “Had a couple of nice holidays in Teignmouth just before the AEC Regent V’s finished. Travelling on this route into Exeter aboard these buses is in my top ten bus journeys.”

  1. I love both! Reminds me of a song:

    Let’s take a trip! A trip is fun to take! For all around the neighborhood . . . So take the time to take a trip in your own town and it’s as easy as can be.

    1. It was off some obscure educational album we had as kids.

      Also on it:
      A shooting star is not a star is not a star at all.
      A shooting star’s a meteor a-heading for the earth.

      1. That explains why I didn’t recognise it Nancy πŸ™‚ It sounds almost like an exercise in’brain-washing’ – it wasn’t on the CIA label by any chance πŸ˜‰

  2. SO cool, martin!
    I love those reds in the second photo against the more neutral surroundings…
    and how elegant is that ‘traditional tall radiator’? NICE! I love the hint of fog/mist in that shot, too! Wonderful images, sir! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Bob – I did promise you some more double deckers πŸ˜‰ That red on the Devon General AEC Regent was known as ‘Poppy Red’ and was one of the two colours allowed to National Bus company operators, the other being ‘Leaf green’.

  3. Great more buses. I always love seeing the photos of the lovely old buses when you post them. I think I may be a bit worried if I was on the top deck of the 2nd bus with that lean it has got on the corner.

    1. Hi Tony, I’d have been worried if it was a modern air-sprung monocoque design but these old AEC’s had solid chassis and could probably go to over 30 degrees off the vertical before passing the point of no return (Routemasters and RT’s had to actually pass a tilt test before entering service with London Transport)

  4. I love the grey moodiness of your pictures. I wonder whether that’s just the UK weather! I particularly like it where you get a burst of colour in the middle of it all – like the red bus.

    1. Thanks Pip. Some is weather… We live with the eternal grey – though sometimes the sun finds its way out and we get superb light! But when photographing transport you just have to take what’s on offer! That Poppy red seems so much better 30 odd years down the road than it did at the time! Certainly stands out against the Teignmouth buildings πŸ™‚

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