Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

It is normally hidden from us but its presence is evidenced in the world around us.

We cannot exist without it but a single contact with it can kill us.

What is it?

90042 at Willesden Junction

90042 at Willesden Junction

VN37776 in Hendon Central

VN37776 in Hendon Central



  1. Electricity?! I couldn’t live without it 🙂 Acccckkkkkkk, I’m out of my comfort zone guessing this but it popped in my head and my fingers typed it! Beautiful photos, I love the night photo!

    • Spot on and thank you for the compliment – we can’t live without it because it’s how our brain sends messages around our bodies! Thanks for being the first to take the plunge 🙂

      ps – If you fancy another challenge, go to my previous post and see how you do at being an armchair referee 😉

  2. Electricity, yes! Transports and night lights, all depend on it.
    Yup, well hidden, and very important too. Nice interpretation. Great pictures. 🙂

  3. Stunning pictures my friend. So true that we can’t do without it and one hit and It could be someones end. Amazing city scape. Have a great day and best wishes to your family.

    • Best wishes to you and yours too – thanks for popping by and the kind compliment on my photos. My name’s Martin by the way 😉 You have a good time – always glad to hook up!

  4. I loved the riddle! Electricity is so important. I know a lot of people in the East Coast who have recently had to live without power because of the surprise snow storm a couple of days ago. It is amazing how we are dependent on it.


    • Hi Louise and thank you for popping by 🙂 I heard about the loss of power on the East Coast last week and can imagine how much of a problem that caused.. There was a TV program over here in the 1970’s by a guy called James Burke called Connections. It looked at scientific and technological developments over the centuries. In the first episode it covered the great US power failure of 1965 – 80000 sqkm of the US plunged into darkness! That program certainly concentrated my mind on the power that electricity and its availability has over our lives in the modern world.

      Best wishes,


  5. Great riddle, Martin…..electricity. An utterly absorbing subject. I love one of the most dramatic evidences of it: lightning….

  6. I love the way you incorporated the riddle. Ttooootooooootoooo cool … I never would have guessed electricity. I’m not good at riddles but love the fact that so many people guessed.

    Nice photo – too

  7. You are clever! Love the contrast between the night and day of these stunning shots!

    • Thanks Patti – I’m not that clever… Just an old school Telephone engineer. Glad you liked the contrast between night and day – I was hoping that might throw some people off the scent but you’re all too sharp for that little ruse 🙂

  8. Wonderful take on the theme! Woot!!! 😀

  9. Well I was going to guess electricity, but everyone else beat me to it. Very clever Martin.

  10. I was guna say chocolate but we can see that. I really like the 2nd photo

    • Lol Tony – not after my wife’s seen it you wont 😉 Thanks – glad you like that second shot. I enjoy doing some night shots of the transport 🙂

  11. Northern Narratives says:

    Great photos and fabulous for the photo challenge 🙂 Judy

  12. Excellent post all the time i love your entry thanks for sharing.

  13. thirdhandart says:

    Great riddle! Very creative post!

    • Thanks Theresa – I had to be creative, I just don’t do shots of people/pets hiding (The Budgies don’t tend to hide anyway – they’re very up front) 😉

  14. Interesting post with the riddle, although I’m terrible at riddles. I particularly like the night bus picture, not just for the lighting but for the familiarity. Spent a fair amount of time crisscrossing through Hendon while my daughter was at university there. Great post all around.

  15. Great interpretation of the theme. Loved it. 🙂

  16. jennygoth says:

    well cannot say now can i? lol as i am last here i once touched an electric fence won t be doing that again great pics especially the bus going to ealing hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your footy xxjen

    • Thanks Jen 🙂 You have a good one too though it looks like it’s going to be a wet one 😦 Best keep clear of those electric fences 😉

  17. It’s got to be electrotrickery…

  18. After 48 hours without it, this is no riddle, I am an expert on the subject!

    Love the photos — the bus is quintessentially English.

    • Hi Judith – sorry to hear that you were one of those caught up in the power outage. Hope everything is back to normal now.

      Thanks for the kind comment regards the photos. I had a laugh when I read the ‘Quintessentially English’ 🙂 I’d probably classify it as ‘Quintessentially London’ in that it’s a big red double-decker. Ironically, it’s made by Wrightbus of Ballymena in Northern Ireland. Long gone are the days when London’s buses were built at Southall by AEC and bodied at Park Royal. I was thinking of doing a blog of my local bus routes with photos of the vehicles currently operating them – but you’ve given me an idea with your comment 🙂

  19. I don’t have a smiley for *clapping hands*.
    Looking forward to the new idea/blog/post/whatever arrives! 🙂

  20. I love both shots, Martin!
    As always!

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