Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Sunsets vary considerably, from the bland…

Viña del Mar
Viña del Mar, Tenerife

…to the ‘thinking about it’…

Manor Cottage Approach
Manor Cottage Approach

…and the excellent…

Wembley Sunset
Wembley Sunset

…and the, frankly, Over the Top…

Thornbush Sunset
Thornbush Sunset


    1. Thanks for the kind comment Nancy – The biggest problem with sunset photos is actually getting the opportunity to catch one. Just a few minutes can make all the difference!

    1. Thanks Judith – That road is a bit of an anomaly in the area. It doesn’t go anywhere and obviously predates the A road which is on the embankment to the right. I wondered if it used to lead through to the Manor Cottage Tavern that was on the other side of the railway line but that seems a bit odd too as there was a lane behind the gardens which went there and had a bridge over the railway. Or perhaps they once intended to build a station there – it’s halfway between East Finchley and Finchley Central. There you go, one of my little local mysteries that I have yet to solve 🙂

  1. Great images! I especially love the 2nd photo … the lines of the telephone poles, the street scene with the houses .. the sky – great image, it all ties in together!

    1. Thanks very much Kate. This is from East End Road, Finchley, looking roughly along the North Circular. I’ll have to give it a look from the other end one of these days 🙂

    1. Hi Isobel – I thought a variety was best as the sky is so changeable and every sunset is different. The street shot seems to have struck a chord with several commenters – perhaps because it is a view of the ordinary enhanced by the evening light? Thanks for looking and commenting 🙂

      1. There are many beautiful photos of beautiful sunsets, but for me at least, the subject has become a bit hackneyed, and I start to glaze over. Whereas a picture like this one makes me stop and look because it is not the standard sunset shot; its beauty is less obvious. Does that make sense?

      2. I understand fully Isobel. I think the issue is that there are not too many tangents you can go off on with this subject whereas other recent subjects have often been open to a wider range of interpretations. Lets hope next week’s subject is less constrained 🙂

    1. Thank You Cedric – That one seems to be popular. It proves an old adage about not having to travel the world to get a good photo – taken 200 metres from where I live!

  2. I enjoy your photos. you have composed them perfectly. The first one.. the palm tree silhoette is perfect against the evening sky. I love the lines of the wires combined with the old street scene. I love your progression from subtle to brilliant..

  3. I love the second photo – the buildings and the wires in the sky – its so different and lovely 🙂 Judy

  4. Oh Martin I always enjoy your interpretations, but the shot of manor Cottage Approach is fabulous – I love its juxtopostion of simplicity and complexity in an English street.

  5. I love the stunning colours of the 2nd last one. And the street of houses looks so quiet & peaceful. Don’t know why but it just does. We live on a busy noisy main road so somewhere quiet like that would be lovely

    1. Thanks Tony – It was a nice sky that evening looking towards Wembley. Manor Cottage Approach is a dead end, so no big traffic issues for the residents 🙂

    1. Hi Isadora, I’m guessing that you’re agreeing with the range of sunset types or, maybe Tony’s comment. Either way, thanks for popping by 🙂

    1. Thank you Doris. Now, we’re both busy trying to work out what to do for the latest challenge 😉 Thanks for dropping in and the very kind comment 🙂

    1. Thanks Bob – I always feel sunsets (and sunrises too) come under the heading ‘The Lord Giveth’. Fortunately the government haven’t found a way to take them away yet 😉

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