We Were Found Out…

Del, a long standing supporter from the Finchley days at the club, has an eloquent way with words (often to the referee’s chagrin)  and he summed up the game against Billericay Town superbly with that short sentence.

Tony Faulkner

Tony Faulkner Looks On

It was all change for the team after the win on Saturday.   Gavin came in for Bobby Smith in goal – Bobby has a hand injury after accidentally punching the back of Ola’s head on Saturday.   Bobby Aisien started a 1 match suspension and Milton stepped in.  Wrighty was given a rest and Keiran took up the left back position.  Ola took up the left wing slot in Murat’s place.    Not sure why these last two changes were made though it’s probable that Murat indicated that he was tired – something that the manager has taken into account before.   Again, not sure why Wrighty was rested, though I am certain that selection is still being driven partly by non-availability of players through suspension and injury.

Billericay Manager

Billericay's Manager Gives Instructions

Billericay took the lead in the 7th minute with a strike which Gavin must have thought he had covered until it took a wicked deflection and ricocheted into the opposite top corner of the net 😦   Wingate & Finchley countered from a free kick which Ola placed accurately onto Leon’s head for him to nod home.    However, it was to be just about the only positive moment of the match for the home side.   Billericay were first to almost everything in every part of the pitch.   Their defence put in a masterly demonstration of anticipation – often reading exactly what the through ball would be almost before our player had thought of it.   They are a big side too (their keeper must be pushing 7 feet tall and their number 5 wasn’t much shorter) – despite which they were very fast around the pitch.

Billericay’s second goal came from a rare mistake by Weathers’ when he misjudged the bounce of the ball and David Knight pounced to score in the resulting one-on-one with Gavin.   The third came after Gavin made a save with his legs which rebounded nicely for Junior Luke to score.   The teams went in at half time with the score at 3-1 to the Ricay.

The second half was no better, with Billericay finding the onion bag twice – though the first was disallowed for off-side.   Gavin must have felt like a Grouse on the Glorious 12th as he was forced to make save after save with Billericay almost able to attack at will.   As so often happens when one team is having most of the play – the majority of refereeing decisions went to Billericay too.

David Norman

David Norman Contemplates Defeat

At the other end, David Laird manufactured two chances for himself but put both efforts well wide – it was one of those nights 😦   I don’t doubt that one of our fans will have offered his newspaper to the Ricay keeper to help stave off boredom as he spent much of the match on his lonesome.

If the club were to award a man of the match, it should have gone to Gavin.  Without all his saves it could very easily have been 8-1.   Marc was almost inconsolable about his error that led to the second goal – he doesn’t make many mistakes and he’s always very hard on himself.   He feels that the rest of the season we will be scrabbling for whatever points we can grab.  The voice of realism, mirroring what the fans have been saying since almost before the last ball was kicked back in May.   We had some fun with the Ricay keeper when he came into the bar, advising him to mind the ceiling tiles – I guess he’s heard that one a few times before 😉   We could take some consolation (not-a-lot) from the fact that Billericay are one of the in-form sides in the division at the moment, winning their previous 3 matches and putting 6 goals past Kingstonian in the process.   Tomorrow we travel to Hornchurch – another Essex side.  It promises to be another tough game for the team.

All thoughts expressed are my own and do not represent the views of Wingate & Finchley FC.



  1. Another day . . . and match . . . another chance to get it right.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Martin… that’s just how it goes sometimes, I guess…
    Best of luck to your team in the next one!

    • Thanks Bob – the guys will sort themselves out I’m sure. I’m just pleased to have you guys and girls along for the ride. Makes me feel better about posting our ups and downs. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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