1. Thanks Bob – The camera, of course, did the focussing and exposure. But the composition is all his. A classic example of technology freeing up the artist inside 🙂

  1. At such a young age of just seven years old I think that
    you have a professional photographer in the making 🙂



  2. You have a lovely wife whose kind and loving face was well captured by your son. The most unguarded moments are usually the most beautiful ones. thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us. Your son has a talent for taking pictures. Have a great day my friend . Best wishes to your family.

    1. I’m not sure our Son would call her kind and loving when she’s pursuing him about his homework LoL 😉 Thanks for your kind comment. Have a good one and our very best wishes to you and your family.

  3. ha. yeah, very cool photo. i suspect your son has figured out that if dad does it, there must be something special about it – and that’s when the intuition takes over and snap. sometimes kids see in fresh ways – i like that. aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick – Very possibly 🙂 I know that some of his photos are fascinating and he clearly has an eye for a shot (when he isn’t busy playing electronic games).

      1. aloha 2e0mca – funny, although we know there is more to life than electronic games, here WE are electronic-ing. I suspect, his ability to “see” the screen in his gaming is also what helps him see the photo-in-camera. plus lots of other things, I’m sure. cool on how we learn. aloha.

      2. They encourage them at school these days too – his homework this week includes putting together a powerpoint presentation about the Solar System. That’s for 9yo’s. but they started them two years back at a basic level. Fortunately I’d had him making cards and other things in PowerPoint since he was 4, so all I have to do is advise him about his content these days 🙂

        I started this because I wanted to do a blog about my football club – What’s your excuse Rick 😉

    1. Thanks Tony, I love her – Alasdair seems to have an eye for a photo and a style of his own. I hope he continues to pursue the hobby as he grows up 🙂

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