In Memoriam – Alan Mitchell – Groundsman

On Thursday last week our Groundsman passed on to manage the next pitch.  I hope that the angels are ready to be called to task if they create divots in the turf.   Alan was an amazing groundsman – producing a pitch that the likes of Chelsea couldn’t match – no sand pits here!   He was also a character who, once he knew you, would always stand by you.  He was not afraid to say what he felt about the team – his pithy comments about players who didn’t quite match up to what he expected will always stand to the fore in my memory.   I wish his family peace and happy memories in this time of loss.

Alan Makes His Point

Alan Makes His Point!

As I quoted at the time…   “Another load of divots…”  The ground staff discuss the state of the pitch – at least I think they were talking about the pitch;-)

RIP Alan Mitchell and Peace to all your family and friends.



  1. May it be a beautiful, trouble free green pitch up there, Martin. Lovely post.

  2. Wonderful tribute, Martin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sorry for his passing, you made a beautiful tribute.

  4. you made a great tribute for him nice blog.

  5. I was very sorry to hear this, Martin…
    I can tell Alan will be dearly missed…

  6. This is so sad and touching, but there is something uplifting about “another load of divets . . .”

  7. A great who left a mark on his friends, family and fans. He will never be forgotten. It was nice of you to pay tribute for him. Bless his soul.

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