Kolorful Kit

Football teams wear a wide variety of colours (and sometimes exploit fans by selling their strip at very high prices)…

One of the worst ‘Camera Sensor Testers’ is Enfield Town’s away kit of Red and Yellow Stripes…

Enfield Town

Enfield Town Away Strip

Some teams prefer green and white hoops to stripes – a la Glasgow Celtic – Waltham Abbey for example…

Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey

Or Queens Park Rangers blue and white for Leyton…

Leyton FC

Leyton FC












And sometimes the fans have some amazing walls as a backdrop (can you picture this blue at Arsenal?)…

Aquarmarine Fans

Aquarmarine Fans

And – as for Goal Keepers… Whatever happened to Green Shirt and Black Shorts?   Nowadays they wear allover orange, gold, blue and goodness knows what other colours!…

Cheshunt Keeper

Cheshunt Keeper models the current style - he also wears Light Blue!

Football has become a colourful game (and I’m not referring to the metaphores, testosterone driven though they may be) – Even the very best camera’s struggle to get it right with some of these colours, especially under floodlights!   As a footnote,  some of the oldest clubs have check shirts similar to Rugby shirts.  Corinthian Casuals and Dulwich Hamlet come to mind and (really weird for what is now a seen as such a Macho sport) both have Pink in their shirts…

Dulwich Hamlet

Dulwich Hamlet - Pink and Navy

I hope that tour through some of the soccer kits in Non-League football is of interest 🙂

With Thanks to Theresa for suggesting the subject – you can find her blog at… Thirdhandart



  1. Love the pic of the fans…

    • Thanks Robin – the guy on the left is actually our groundsman / kit man at Wingate & Finchley, so technically not a fan. One of the joys of non-league football, you get to know everyone personally 🙂

  2. Well, I will grant you —
    those uniforms are colorful!
    (Nice blues and yellows here too —)

  3. An actio packed colorful seris of pictures. football is a blast. thanks.

  4. pardon my spelling. I turly enjoyed this post. so much fun and life in it.

  5. Great pic of the fans, colorful characters….and the guy in orange levitated with the ball overhead and the two guys about to…

    • Thanks – When a keeper decides he’s going to punch the ball he generally takes out everyone in his path, including his own men! The two guys on the ground are taking evasive action 🙂

  6. Great action photos, and colorful indeed. Love your color layout, too.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my post. Greatly appreciated.

    • Well, the layout is more by luck than judgement! The football often serves up great action, all I do is press the shutter button 🙂

  7. Very colorful!

  8. thirdhandart says:

    Colorful uniforms indeed! I’d wear the pink and black one (if I had to). Thank you very much for the mention. Glad to hear that one of my comments helped. Sometimes, I struggle for 30 minutes trying to write a comment. I guess that I worry too much about trying to sound intelligent or funny without offending anyone. Anyway, it’s a wonderful post with very colorful photos!

  9. Wonderful shots! 😀

  10. Oh! they’re truly colorful !

    Thank you for your visiting my blog.
    Sorry my late response.

  11. nice and colorful!

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